Lead Engineer

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

You are both a senior engineer as well as a leader. As Lead Engineer you report directly to the Development Manager. On a daily basis however, you’ll work in cross-functional (two-pizza) teams with a Product Owner, business analysts, designers and engineers. You’ll be the liaison to the Architecture team and other cross- functional teams, based in various countries in the region.

You will physically sit with the GoBear Code Unit (GCU), which is our in-house software development team. Attached to the regional team, GCU works closely with the Product Development and Design Teams from Singapore. GCU has their own dedicated, developer-focused office located in District 2, located in a newly renovated villa with attached swimming pool, coffee shop and relaxed atmosphere.

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What kind of fun will you get up to at GoBear?

You will lead and guide engineers in your team.

As a Lead Engineer, you will:

  • lead technical direction, share responsibility of coaching, mentoring and developing other engineers in the programming best practices
  • be primary contact point for technical integration with other technical leads, and platform architects tensure system integration within our eco-system
  • work and support DevOps team tprovision, and maintain our environments
  • work with architects talign on technical quality KPIs and ensure they’re well applied in your team
  • be pro-active and initiate continuous improvement

As senior developer, you will:

  • build software in our ecosystem that will be deployed in our public-facing as well as internal
  • line-of-business applications
  • focus on building high-quality software
  • embrace software development best-practices like Test-Driven Development
  • keep track of, and push the boundaries w.r.t. new technologies e.g. Serverless Computing,
  • Microservices etc.
  • embrace the twelve factors
  • deliver pixel perfect, contemporary, scalable front-end implementations
  • optimize, tree-shake and constantly seek to improve performance and speed

Got skills?

We require an enterprising, no-nonsense, hands-on full stack developer (no, you don’t have tbe a super-star with balanced front-end and back-end skills, but either 30% vs. 70% or 70% vs. 30% is fine) with the following qualifications and skills.

  • Solid English communication skills (written and verbal)
  • At least 7 years of software development experience, twof which need tbe in a Tech Lead role
  • Back-end scope:
    • Java, Python, Ruby, Golang, C#, JavaScript (ECMAScript), Kotlin, Scala, Groovy
    • CouchBase, CouchDB, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Azure DocumentDB / CosmosDB, PostgreSQL,
    • MSSQL, MySQL, Apache Ignite, Hazelcast, Redis. GraphQL
    • Cloud Service Providers e.g. Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or Google Cloud Platform experience in functional programming
    • experience in building and designing microservice architectures
    • experience programming in at least three imperative programming languages, at least one of which must be a strongly typed language
    • good understanding of Object-Oriented programming fundamentals, and how to apply them
  • Front-end scope:
    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VueJs
    • familiarity with grid / flexbox front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation,
    • Semantic UI, Jeet, Susy etc.
    • experience with Sass / LESS, treeshaking and preprocessing for optimization
    • experience with web API’s, JSON and REST
    • experience with building Atomic Design Methodology
  • Extra points if you have worked with Drupal 8
  • You have extensive experience within a SCRUM or Agile software/product development
  • Bachelors in Computer Science, Information Systems or other related fields


Sound like you?

  • You’re kind
  • You not only love technologies but also love to work and deal with different people’s working style.
  • You have the ability to communicate complex concepts in a clear manner
  • You’re willing to coach and teach others
  • You prefer persuading others through calm, respectful, rational argument
  • You are always learning you have a hunger for knowledge and discovery
  • You are always-improving an acknowledgement that we can always do better, and a willingness to keep seeking the better way
  • You are self-motivated and direct, with the ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment
  • You display analytical and problem-solving abilities, with keen attention to detail
  • You love to work collaboratively
  • You have excellent time management and prioritization skills
  • You are always willing to go the extra mile.
  • You’re kind (yes I wrote that twice)


Need more reasons to come and work for us?

You’ll get to learn from a multi-cultural team of fin-tech disruptors at one of the fastest growing online brands in Asia. Our work makes us innovative, agile, brave and result-driven but we also just love what we do – and because we love what we do, we’re fun to be around (well, we think so anyway). We’ve got an open and transparent culture so what you see is what you get: we’re not cool with office politics. We value freedom and high performance above blindly following processes. In fact, we like it when you challenge our processes. We also like it when you show curiosity for new ideas that make a difference. And, we love it when you discover practical solutions to tough problems. We give lots of high fives for solving tough problems.

You can expect to receive a bumper pack of GoBear benefits, including Premium Healthcare for international usage, flexibility in working times and remote locations to promote a great work-life balance, an agile working environment and of course, the latest MacBook Pro and 4K monitor!

Don’t take our word for it - check out our LinkedIn and GlassDoor profiles.


APPLY TO: muneaza@gobear.com & lucy@gobear.com