Credit card facilities

The currency in the United States is the US dollar (USD). American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa are accepted, and tourists are advised to bring along at least one major credit card as imprints may be requested at places like hotels even when other modes of payment are used. Debit cards can also be used but may incur surcharges.


ATMs can be easily located around the country. Do note that hotels do not do currency exchange. This can be done at selected major banks or with money changers at the airport


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Medical services

Singaporeans will have no problem finding quality medical care in the United States. However it is one of the most expensive in the world, and both emergency and non-emergency medical treatments have to be paid by visitors; travel insurance for the United States is highly advisable to cover medical expenses and we also recommend an international health insurance.


In poorer suburbs, public hospitals can be crowded and standard of service is not as high; hence tourist should visit private hospitals if needed. For emergencies, call 911 to get an ambulance.  


No appointment is needed for visits to most clinics. However, do highlight to the receptionist that you will be making payment upfront to avoid additional cost from unnecessary procedures.


As medications can cost a lot more in the United States, any long-term prescriptions or common drugs should be brought along for the trip.


Singaporean travellers with unlocked phones can buy local prepaid SIM cards from providers like AT&T and T-Mobile to stay connected. Network coverage can be limited in rural areas like national parks; do check the coverage map for your provider during purchase.


It is not difficult to get a Wi-Fi in America. Most hotels and cafes have free Wi-Fi and some cities have Wi-Fi connection at certain parks and malls.

Electricity & Water

  • Electrical guide - In the United States, the power sockets used type A and B, with a standard voltage of 110V. Hence Singapore travellers will need a power adapter and converter to use or charge appliances in Singapore. This can be purchased at all leading electrical appliance shops in Singapore 
  • Drinking waterTap water is safe for consumption. However, bottled water can also be easily purchased for those who prefer not to drink tap water.

Passport & visa

Singaporeans will need an electronic travel authorization (ESTA) to travel to America. This needs to be applied at least 72 hours before travelling, and travellers will not need a visa. However, people who have visited Iran, Iraq, Syria or Sudan after 1st March 2011 are not eligible for the visa waiver programme. Please also ensure that your passport has at least 6 months validity from the expected date of return before travelling.

Before going to United States 

As highlighted, remember to get a United States travel insurance before travelling. Travellers are also advised to take note of the following information.

Things to do

Each state of the country has different activities to experience; here are some of the more popular states that tourist can consider visiting.


Arizona- Head to Arizona and immerse in the majestic view of the Grand Canyon. Once there, you can join guided hiking or camping trips and explore the nature. However, hiking in the Grand Canyon can be dangerous so make sure you are covered by a travel Insurance for the United States.


New York- As famously depicted in Alicia Key’s Empire State of Mind, New York is “a concrete jungle where dreams are made of”. Admire the beautiful skyline of New York from the Brooklyn Bridge, or have a relaxing stroll at Central Park. Fenway Park is a must visit for the baseball enthusiast.


Las Vegas- Las Vegas is a must visit for its colourful nightlife, fine dining, shopping and casinos. Head to the Stratosphere, the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States, and enjoy the thrills of an amusement park high up in the sky. Ride likes the Big Shot will shoot you up into the air at 45 miles per hour.


There is so much more to the United States and one trip is definitely not enough.


There is the United States diversity of cuisines in the United States and tourist can usually find food of large portions at affordable prices. Tipping is widely practised in the United States, and waiters are generally tipped 10% to 20% of the bill. Some things not to be missed are the hamburgers, barbeque and pies.


Singaporean tourists will have little problem with communication in the United States as English is the insurance before language. Because of its cultural diversity and large migrant population, in Chinatowns across the country, dialects that Singaporeans are familiar with such as Cantonese are also common.

About the United States

The United States has one of the world’s largest populations and is home to a large number of different cultures.  Each of its 50 states features different geographical characteristic with some more urbanised than others.


Climate and weather also vary throughout the country. So the best travel time depends on the destination and the type of activities travellers are looking to embark on. Generally, summer is the peak tourist season.


While violent crimes are common in some parts of the country, tourists are rarely targeted. However, take extra precaution when travelling against petty crimes like theft. The United States has strict Airport Security Administration regulations. Be sure to take note of these regulations and cooperate fully during checks.

Travel Insurance

Planning a trip to the United States? While safety is generally high in most states, terrorism threats are ever present. Thus it is best to draw up a travel insurance for the United States that covers any emergency needs. With GoBear, you can compare travel insurance plans offered by leading providers in Singapore. This allows you to choose the perfect plan for your needs, at the best price.


Read on for all the information you need when travelling to America.



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