Most credit card networks can be found in Taiwan such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club. However, travellers are still advised to carry along New Taiwanese Dollars (NT$) as most small restaurants and retailers do not accept credit cards.


While there are many ATM machines conveniently located in the city, do note that not all accept international cards. Singaporeans can consider doing their currency exchange in Taiwan. Moneychangers at places like the Taiwan airport sometimes offer better exchange rates than in Singapore.


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Medical services

Most hospitals in Taiwan are able to provide quality care with well-trained physicians, most of who are able to communicate in English. One thing to keep in mind is that quality of healthcare is often higher in the city as compared to rural areas.  


Be sure to bring along your passport and keep any receipts for medical insurance claims. For emergencies, please call 119 (dispatchers may not understand English). A Taiwan travel insurance will be able to help subsidise the cost of medical treatment overseas; travellers may also consider getting an international health insurance.


Some drugs may not be as readily available in Taiwan, hence do carry along sufficient prescribed medicine during your trip (do check if the prescription medicine is banned before travelling). If you are entering Taiwan within 6 days after travelling to a country with Yellow Fever, a proof of vaccination is required.


To stay connected in Taiwan, Singaporeans can purchase Prepaid SIM cards from providers like Chunghwa Telecom at the airport. For approximately S$20, you get 7 days of unlimited 4G Internet access. What’s more, with a local number you can enjoy free Wi-Fi at many locations across the country. Visit for more information.


Singaporeans who prefer to rent pocket Wi-Fi devices, it can also be loaned from Chunghwa telecom at the Taiwan airport or from Singapore Changi airports own rental service.

Electricity and water

  • Electrical guide - Taiwan’s Electrical plugs are Type A or Type B with a standard voltage of 110V, which is much lower than Singapore’s 220V. Singaporean travellers are advised to purchase a travel power plug adapter and converter.
  • Drinking water - Tap water in Taiwan is generally clean. However, it is recommended for the water to be boiled and if possible filtered before consumption.

Passport and Visa

For trips not exceeding 30 days, Singapore Passport holders will not be required to have a visa. At least 6 months validity for the passport, from the expected date of return, will be needed to travel to Taiwan. For all your travel insurance claims, be sure to keep your boarding passes.


After getting your travel insurance for Taiwan, here are some other things to prepare.

Things to do

There is something for everyone in Taiwan. Looking to stock up your wardrobe? Shopping in Taiwan is very affordable. Visit trendy shopping district like Ximending, or Wufenpu Wholesale Clothes Market find some real bargains.


For those in need of some adrenaline, Taiwan’s hilly terrains provide some of the most exciting courses for mountain biking.  Not to forget, white-water rafting and kayaking is also something not to be missed.


If what you are seeking is a relaxing getaway, take a road trip to the various scenic destinations such as Taroko National Park, stroll along the old streets of Jiufen or visit Alishan and surround yourself in its rich Aboriginal heritage.


A key highlight of the food culture in Taiwan has to be its world-renowned night markets. There are many famous night markets around the country, such as Liouhe Tourist Night Market in Kaohsiung City or Raohe Street Night Market in Taipei city. Travellers can find many local delicacies like Oyster Vermicelli from prices as low as S$2.5.


Other than night markets, dining in Taiwan is affordable. Tourist can consider trying authentic Aboriginal meals unique to Taiwan that are characterised by the use of locally sourced ingredients cooked by methods like steaming or roasting that retains the natural flavours of the ingredients.


The official language of Taiwan is standard Mandarin Chinese. Most Taiwanese communicate in Mandarin Chinese, or Taiwanese Hokkien, which is similar to Hokkien spoken in Singapore. For non-Chinese speakers, there are many English-friendly signs around Taiwan and most Taiwanese in the city have a basic command of English.


However, it is useful to have a list of basic phrases as well as the places you will be visiting or staying at translated to Chinese before your trip to help you break the language barrier.

Geography and climate

Taiwan is located off the southeastern coast of China, between Japan and Philippines. Historically known as Formosa-which translates to “Beautiful Island”, Taiwan lives up to its name and is blessed with scenic mountains that span across the country.


However, Taiwan experiences frequent earthquakes some that are highly destructive. Hence travellers are advised to draw up a Taiwan travel insurance that covers issues like cancellation due to natural disasters.


The best time to travel to Taiwan is between November to March, where there is lesser crowds and many discounts available for accommodation. July and August see higher volumes of tourist and accommodation costs can increase up to 30%. However, for those planning enjoy water sports and other outdoor activities, the warm weather of summer would be the most ideal.   


While Taiwan is one of the leading Economies in Asia, it is still an affordable travel destination with exciting activities that will suit various budgets and preferences.


Other than its night markets and cheap shopping, Taiwan is the destination of choice for many adventure seekers. However, some insurance policies do not include coverage for some dangerous activities like white-water rafting.


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