MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club (less frequently) are widely accepted at major hotels, restaurants and departmental shop. However, do bring along sufficient cash as some shops may not accept credit card purchases or have trouble processing foreign credit cards.


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Medical services

For medical emergencies, get help at 119. International clinics that are tourist friendly can be found at hospitals such as the Seoul National University Hospital. Most clinics close by 6 pm and are not open on weekends. Do bring along your passport when making a visit.


Non-prescription medications can be easily purchased at leading pharmacies, however, it is normally not labelled in English so do clarify with the pharmacist before leaving. With a South Korea travel insurance, you won’t have to bear the cost of expensive overseas medical expenses by yourself.


Travellers may also consider getting an international health insurance to cover treatment costs and more.


There are many ways to stay connected when in South Korea. Major telecommunications providers like Korea Telecom (KT) offer sim cards and portable Wi-Fi routers at affordable prices. Alternatively, Wi-Fi vouchers can be purchased for per hour usage of Wi-Fi around the city (connection is limited in country sides).


GoBear Tip #3: Check out Changi Airport’s Travel Wi-Fi rental service, which offers frequent discounts.

Electricity and water

  • Electrical guide - In South Korea, the standard electricity voltage is 220 Volts, which is close to Singapore’s. However the outlets are type C or F, and travellers are advised to bring along travel adapters, which can be purchased at all leading electrical appliance stores.
  • Drinking water - While tap water is clean and safe to drink, it is advisable to boil or purify the water before consumption. Bottled water can be easily found at convenience stores at affordable prices.


Passport and Visa

Visa is not required for Singapore passport holders. However, ensure that there is a 6-months validity to your passport from the date of return from South Korea.


Getting a travel insurance for South Korea is on the top of the checklist before travelling. Other than that, here is a list of things you should note.


Things to do

Other than stocking up on the latest Korean makeup and fashion items or visits to the famous Everland theme park, the rich tradition of South Korea is truly worth exploring. Take a day trip out of Seoul, and immerse yourself in the beauty of South Korea’s traditional villages such as Damyang, which is famous for its bamboo forests.


GoBear Tip #2: Need your next Instagram post to standout from the feed? Rent a traditional Hanbok for a day as you tour around Seoul, and enjoy free visits to traditional palaces such as Gyeongbokgung.


Food in South Korea is strong on its flavour and absolutely delicious. There are lots to explore, from food tents that line the trendiest streets, cosy barbeque restaurants to traditional Hansik restaurants with a wide assortment of side dish that accompanies every meal.


Live like the locals and try out exotic meals like a live octopus at Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market, or have a meal at the comforts of your accommodation by ordering takeaway Jajangmyun. For our fellow Muslim friends, fret not as Halal food can be found easily.



Korean is the national language, with most signboards and materials written in hangul. However, there are sufficient English signs at popular tourist destinations and public transportation to get you about!

GoBear Tip #1: Basic Korean language books or apps like Nemo Korean are handy to have around to help you break through those language barriers when asking for that extra discount!

Geography and climate

South Korea is one of the top travel destinations for Singaporeans, largely due to the Hallyu trend. One of the economic giants in Asia, South Korea offers a good balance of tradition and modernity. The country has activities suitable for everyone. You and your family can enjoy hiking through its mountainous terrains with routes that pass through ancient towns, to midnight shopping at the heart of its city.


Through the seasons, it unveils different beauty. With temperatures dropping to below -20°C during winter and soaring as high as 38°C in summer, the best time to travel would be during spring (between April to June), where the weather is cool and cherry blossoms bloom.


South Korea is the mecca for food and shopping, so be sure to bring enough Korean Won (₩). You won’t want to be missing out.

Safety and security

Planning a trip to South Korea soon? With crime rates on the rise in South Korea, it is best to draw up a travel insurance for South Korea that covers theft, loss of personal items, medical expenses and compensation for cancellation or delays in travel arrangements. If items are lost or stolen, make sure to obtain a police report straight away and keep your boarding pass to ensure a payment by the insurer.


Read on, to find out the must-do, must-see and must-eat when travelling in South Korea! What’s more, some tips to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable trip.



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