International credit card networks that are present in Italy include Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Larger retailer and food outlets accept credit cards, but smaller establishments may prefer cash instead. So do bring sufficient Euros (€) for smaller purchases.


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Medical services

For medical emergencies, you can get help at “118”. Standard of health care varies across the country. In major cities, medical staffs are generally able to communicate in English, otherwise, you will be able to find translation services.


Pharmacies can also be easily found, however, most close at night and on Sundays. Do bring sufficient prescribe medications for consumption when travelling.


Treatment for medical emergencies overseas can be costly, stay protected with a travel insurance for Italy. An international health insurance can also help to cover costly medical expenditures when travelling.    


The telecommunications network in Italy covers most of the country. Mobile phones bought in Singapore should work seamlessly with Italian pre-paid SIMs, but do check the specific frequencies your phone uses against the ones your preferred Italian telco supports.


Wi-Fi is widely available everywhere you go, as is 4G LTE. The emergency number is 112 from fixed lines and mobile phones alike.

Electricity and water

  • Electrical guide - Italy typically uses the type C power socket. This means that you will need a universal travel adapter, which can be purchased at the airport or all leading electrical appliance shops.
  • Drinking water - The tap water here is generally safe for consumption. Bottled water can also be easily purchased around the country.

Passport and visa

Make sure your passport has at least 6 months’ validity from the expected date of return; you may not be allowed to travel if your passport is too close to expiry. No visa is required for Singapore passport holders if the duration is up to 90 days within 6 months from the date of initial entry.


Other than getting a travel insurance for Italy to stay covered, we present you with things you need to keep it mind before flying.

Things to do

When in Rome, do as the Romans do…literally. Much of Rome’s cobbled streets date back to the Roman Empire, and you can still see well-preserved Roman buildings as you walk along them. Buy a ticket to see the Colosseum. Visit the Vatican City and marvel at the architectural wonders of St. Peter’s Basilica.


Take a trip down to Venice and see the city’s glassblowers practice their ancient craft, or hire a gondola and have a romantic trip down its canals. Then move on down to Pisa and take a selfie in front of its Leaning Tower. There is no shortage of things to do in Italy.

Italy is home to many famous brands – most of them well known for their ‘upmarket’ positioning. Right at the top, of course, are the supercar brands Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Bugatti; Alfa Romeo and Fiat are also Italian car brands.


But for the shopaholics amongst us, why not pick something up from Giorgio Armani, Benetton, Dolce & Gabbana, or Bulgari?


Sports aficionados can probably find something they like at Diadora, and if you decide to forget the big names, who knows what bargains you could pick up?


Inquire about VAT refunds in-store; you might be eligible depending on how much you spent and when you’re leaving.



When people think of Italian cuisine, pizza and pasta are usually what come to mind. However, Italy is home to so much more. From salami to pastrami, espresso to gelato, Italy’s specialities have made their way across the world.


Italian cuisines are very flavourful, relying on a mix of both fresh and preserved ingredients. Olive oil is a significant part of Italian cooking as well. Muslim travellers are well advised to check that any particular dish is halal (or at least pork-free) before ordering.


Wine has been part of the Italian diet since before Roman times, and Italian cuisines still emphasise wines heavily. Whether at the most upscale ristorante or any casual trattoria, you are sure to have a generous selection of wines to choose from. Food at restaurants can cost 12 to 30 euro per meal.


Aside from bordering regions, Italian is the official language of Italy; however, English is widely spoken here, as is French and German in the bordering regions of the respective countries.


As a member of the EU, all EU citizens are given the freedom to live and work in Italy, so you will find significant groups of people who speak other European languages.


It is handy for Singaporean visitors to take note of key phrases in Italian when asking for directions or even discounts.

Benvenuto! Italy is located on the Italian Peninsula, also known as the ‘boot’ of Europe, because of its shape. Italy is the birthplace of the Roman Empire, one of the most long-lasting and successful empires of the world, and one whose legacy is felt even today.


Italy has a Mediterranean climate and observes Central European Time (UTC+1) along with daylight savings. The best time to travel to Italy is during Spring, between April and June, where Singaporeans can explore various festivals and enjoy fresh local harvests.

Safety and security

Italy is a generally safe place, but like many top travel destinations, there are many reported cases of theft at popular tourist spots. So it is crucial that your travel insurance for Italy will be able to cover any losses.

Travel insurance

Jetting off halfway across the world is not an easy feat. For all the things that could happen, the last thing you want is to not have a travel insurance for Italy to tide you through.


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