Most credit card networks can be used in Hong Kong such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club. These are accepted at most retail shops, restaurants and hotels across the country. However, travellers are still advised to carry along sufficient Hong Kong dollars (HKD) for their trip.


There are many ATM machines conveniently located in the city that accept international cards. Moneychangers can also be found in central locations.


If you can’t decide on a travel insurance for Hong Kong, use GoBear’s comparison platform to choose the best plan for your needs.


Medical services

For medical emergencies, Singaporeans can call 999. All visitors are required to pay HKD$990 per attendance for Accidents and Emergencies. As treatments in Hong Kong can be expensive for foreigners, it is best to purchase travel insurance for Hong Kong prior to your visit.


An international health insurance can also help pay for your overseas medical expenditures. Clinics can be easily found on Hong Kong’s Yellow Pages and medical practitioners are generally fluent in English. Remember to bring along your passport and keep a copy of all receipts for your travel insurance claims if applicable.


Pharmacies can also be easily located across the island, and are marked by a red and white cross. Here tourist can easily purchase non-prescription drugs.


Singaporeans can easily stay connected when in Hong Kong. Prepaid SIM cards can be easily purchased at major convenience stores in the airport or even in town.  Purchase the “Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card” at the airport and get up to 5GB of 4G Mobile data, unlimited csl Wi-Fi, unlimited local calls, and more.


Free Wi-Fi service is also available at many locations across the country such as the airport, MTR, and various shops. Singaporeans can also check out Changi Airports travel Wi-Fi rental service that frequently offers discounts.

Electricity and water

  • Electrical guide - Hong Kong’s electrical plugs are the same as Singapore’s hence Singaporean travellers need not bring along a travel adaptor.
  • Drinking water - Tap water in Hong Kong meets the World Health Organization’s guidelines for consumption quality and is generally safe for consumption.  However if in doubt, travellers can easily purchase bottled waters from convenience stores.

Passport and visa

Singapore passport holders planning to visit Hong Kong do not require a visa for trips not exceeding 90 days. However, do check that your passport has at least 6 months of validity from the expected date of return. Keep your boarding passes, for all your travel insurance claims.

Be sure to get a travel insurance for Hong Kong, to travel with a peace of mind. Familiarising yourself with the following information before your trip will help you be a prepared traveller.

Things to do

Some of the must-dos in Hong Kong include midnight shopping along night markets such as Temple Street Night Market, visiting theme parks and various tourist locations like the Avenue of Stars and the Big Buddha at Ngong Ping.


However, if you are looking for a truly different Hong Kong experience, here are some activities to consider. For the more adventurous, pack your hiking gear and take a hike up to the Peak Tower and continue to Pok Fu Lam Reservoir. This trail will allow you to see the best of Hong Kong, from its beautiful skyscrapers to its lush forests.


Spending days in a crowded city can be tiring, take a relaxing day trip to Kowloon Walled City Park and be immersed in Hong Kong’s rich history.


GoBear tip: All retailers in Hong Kong are now required to charge a Minimum of HKD$0.50 for plastic carriers. So it is best for all shopaholics to bring along a recyclable bag for all your buys.



You will be spoilt for choices during your trip! Food in Hong Kong is generally affordable and you can easily get a filling meal with just S$5 at local tea cafes. Explore the various food options from tea cafes, dim sum restaurants to more interesting experiences like dining on a cruise with the beautiful Victoria Harbour as the backdrop.


Look out for the Quality Tourism Services (QTS) signs for restaurants that are certified hygienic with good customer services. And while the street food in Hong Kong can be ever tempting, take not that most street carts are not licensed and the food may be unhygienic.


Some tea cafes not to be missed are the Australia Dairy Company at Parkes Street and Lang Fong Yuen at Gage Street Central. The daily long queues are a testament to how good the food is.


Singaporeans will have little problem with communication when travelling in Hong Kong. While most Hong Kongers communicate in Cantonese, as it used to be a British colony, English is actually the preferred language in the government and all official signs are bilingual.


Most taxi drivers and service staffs at restaurants and malls will be able to understand you in English.

What's more?

Spanning an area of 2,745 km2 with a population of about 7.2 million, Hong Kong is a densely populated country that is one of Asia’s economic powerhouses.


Once a British colony, Hong Kong’s culture is a unique mix of different flavours. Known for it’s good food and colourful nightlife, Hong Kong is a popular getaway destination for many Singaporeans.


Summers are generally hot and humid just like Singapore and the recommended travel period would be in spring or autumn where temperatures are between a comfortable 22°C to 25°C.


What’s more, Singaporean tourists get to enjoy special privileges and discounts such as discount on flights, hotels, theme parks, and more! Check out more details at, and book your tailored trip now before the offer ends!

Travel insurance

Travelling to Hong Kong for your Dim Sum fix? Travel insurance for Hong Kong can come on as low a budget as S$17. This basic travel insurance for Hong Kong from the Hong Leong Group covers overseas medical expenditures, accidental death & permanent disablement, and more. Head over to Gobear to compare and choose the cheapest travel insurance in Singapore, best suited for your needs!


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