International credit card networks that are present in Australia include Visa, MasterCard, and American Express (to a smaller degree). UnionPay is also widely available, especially throughout Australia Post outlets, most major Aussie bank ATMs and POS terminals, and when paying for taxi rides via CabCharge. Credit cards are accepted almost universally by most shops, however, do bring along Australian Dollar (AUD) just in case.


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Medical services

Prescribed medication for personal use needs to be declared upon arrival when travelling to Australia. It is also recommended for Singaporeans to bring along prescriptions or letters from the doctor to certify the use of the drug.


Australia has high-quality medical services provided by both private clinics and public hospitals. For medical emergencies, call “000”. Singaporeans travelling to rural areas need not worry as the Royal Flying Doctor Service provides 24-hour assistance across the country.


Please make sure you have a health insurance in case of emergency, to help cover the cost of medical expenses.



The telecommunications network in Australia covers most of the urban and suburban areas, with strong mobile network coverage throughout those areas as well as the major inter-state roads. The two major telcos here are Telstra and Optus, with many other players using their infrastructure or rolling out their own. Wi-Fi is widely available everywhere you go in the cities, as is 4G LTE. Prepaid SIM cards can be purchased at the airport.


The emergency number is 000 from fixed lines and mobile phones alike, and you can also try 112 from mobile phones.

Other information

  • Sockets - Type I sockets are used in Australia. This means that Singaporeans will need a universal travel adapter that can be purchased at the Airport or at all leading electrical appliance shops.
  • Tap water - The tap water in Australia is generally safe to drink, although you may also choose to boil the water before consumption or purchase bottled water.


Preparing your travel to Australia

Firstly, make sure your passport has at least 6 months’ from the expected date of return. Singaporeans need to apply for a visa when travelling to Australia. As the Electronic Travel Authority is issued based on passport number, do apply for a visa after passport renewal.


Here is a list of things you should know about Australia before you go on vacation or a business trip. The first step is always taking a travel insurance for Australia.

Things to experience

Home to many exotic animals and blessed with some of the world’s most scenic natural landscapes, there is so much to see and do when in Australia! For those into nature, visit Kangaroo Island and see wildlife from koala to sea lions up-close!


If you are more into sport and adventures, scuba dive through the Great Barrier Reef which is one of the World Heritage sites, or abseil at the beautiful Blue Mountains. But be sure to check that the travel insurance for Australia you have covers all the activities you are embarking on!


Australia also has a vibrant art scene, so wind down with a musical at the Sydney Opera House or walk along the Streets of Melbourne to admire its unique street art culture.


Australia has originated many iconic brands, including Billabong, Arnotts, Boost Juice Bars and Harvey Norman. International retail outlets and brands are also found everywhere throughout the major cities and suburban shopping malls. For the best shopping deals, head to the outlet malls located in most states.  


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Australian Food

Cuisine in Australia is multicultural in nature, featuring mostly Western (and especially English-influenced) food. Fish and chips, roasted chicken and steaks are found in almost all casual and fine dining restaurants.


There is also a strong Italian, as well as Greek influence, so you will also find pizzas and pasta, as well as Mediterranean cuisines available throughout Australia. Chinese – especially Hong Kong - and other Asian food is widely available in the capital cities and surrounding suburbs.


While the food in Australia is made with quality ingredients, the high prices may not be for everyone’s budget. One tip for travellers on a budget is to visit ethnic restaurants like Vietnamese pho chains, where prices are more affordable. Alternatively, visit the local markets to get fresh ingredients for your own meals.


As convicts and other colonists from the United Kingdom primarily settled here in the past, English is the official and primary language. Thus, Singaporeans will be able to communicate comfortably with the locals.


In the Chinatowns of each state, Cantonese is widely spoken, as most of the Chinese migrants came from Canton (and more recently, Hong Kong), although Mandarin is also understood.

Time Zones

Australia is both the largest island and the smallest continent in the world. Because of its size, Australia is split up between several time zones; be aware of the potential difference in time zones if you intend to travel between several states.


Being in the Southern Hemisphere, the states with temperate climates experience summer towards the end of the year and winter towards the middle.


The high safety standards in Australia make it an ideal travel destination for couples, families and solo adventurers. Singaporean travellers can also look forward to easier travel experience to Australia in the near future, as agreements for multi-year visa arrangements are on the way! Don’t forget to take a travel insurance for Australia even when the country is safe.


Travel Insurance Australia

Travelling in Australia can be dangerous- whether you are skydiving from 10,000 feet above land or driving along the Great Ocean Road, you want to make sure you’re having a travel insurance for Australia. For example, AIG’s Travel Guard encompasses delayed flights, lost luggage, and emergency medical care, all under the same travel insurance coverage.


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Besides travel insurance for Australia, here are some other facts and tips to get you ready for your trip!



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