Traveling a few times within one year means spending not just for your flight but also for annual travel insurance coverage. This type of insurance plan will alleviate your expenses especially if you are bound to several destinations for business and leisure. GoBear created this page for an overview of the features and perks entailed with this travel insurance plan aimed at providing the best coverage for all jetsetters out there!

Who needs annual travel insurance?

A frequent traveler or anybody who wishes to secure his travel from certain unexpected incidents that hinder his flight or cause damage to his belongings deserve a coverage plan. Below is a list of those who might need a year-round coverage because of flight frequency and other important considerations:

·       Business travelers – These are people who go to another country for business trip or job fulfilment like journalists, company owners, marketing executives, sales person and IT consultants.

·       Travel lovers – Regardless of age and profession, a lot of people are still fond of going places to unwind, discover, and rejuvenate.

·       Retirees – These are people who have worked hard and are now having the best times of their lives by travelling to different places around the world.

Why do you need an annual travel insurance plan?

Buying an insurance plan for all your travel within a year gives a lot of benefits including making sure that you don’t spend more for a simple baggage loss and you go home safe and sound back to your family. Other benefits include:

  • Saving more – Instead of paying for single insurance for each trip, insurer offer traveller to pay for all travels for the whole year at a discounted price. Sometimes, there are deals that go with these offers like rebates and cashbacks which you can’t say no to.
  • Convenience – Business travellers don’t have to book for a plan all the time. On the other hand, adventurous travellers who book last minute trips will have a ready annual travel insurance plan to cover their trip.
  • Flexibility – Travel insurance booked for the whole year are flexible allowing the traveller to get extra coverage for special activities. The normal 31 days for each trip can also be extended up to 60 days depending on your needs and budget.


Travel with peace of mind by choosing the right annual travel insurance plan that will ensure you don’t spend more in times of accidents.  Compare with GoBear and seal a fun, exciting and safe journey!   


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