What is terrorism cover?

With so many events all over the world that threaten social and political stability, every traveller is advised to get a travel insurance terrorism cover which handles potential liabilities and losses in times of terrorist attacks.


Singapore may currently be considered as low-risk but Singaporeans are advised to have travel insurance policies since neighbouring regions that are potential travel destinations are prone to terrorist threats.


Terrorism coverage can be included in other kinds of insurance but it is mainly an included benefit in travel medical insurance. Depending on your policy, insurance companies may provide coverage for the treatment of illnesses and injuries that are a result of terrorist acts.


Non-medical insurances can only provide cancellation, reimbursement or changed or interrupted flights due to terrorism incidents.  

What destinations are not covered with travel insurance terrorism?

Travel insurance providers may not issue coverage for travellers bound for countries or destinations with travel notices issued by Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Below is the list of places where Singaporeans are advised not to travel, exercise caution or stay from January 2017 to present as compiled by GoBear.


  • Iraq –Advisory is released due to unstable conditions in terms of security
  • Syria – Advisory is released due to volatile security conditions and persistence of armed conflicts
  • Egypt – Advisory is released due to intermittent security incidents in most parts of the country, especially in Cairo.
  • Kuwait – It is not prohibited to travel I Kuwait but Singaporeans are advised to be vigilant and monitor news and avoid places that are already subject to disturbances. Those who are already in Kuwait should register online with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs using this link. http://eregister.mfa.gov.sg/ You can also check and review your international insurance cover to make sure that potential losses and damages can be included.
  • France – The State of Emergency in France was released in November 2015 and is extended until July 15, 2017
  • Saudi Arabia – Situation in KSA is stable although reports of military concerns have been raised in areas near the Saudi-Yemeni border.
  • Bahrain – Singapore government warns of occasional outbreaks of violence and protests in villages near Manama.
  • North Korea – Singaporeans should reconsider planning their trip to the country due to heightened tensions and absence of Singapore’s diplomatic representation.
  • Bangladesh – Advisory is issued due to incidents of terror attacks


Although most of the countries listed are not actually banned as tourist or business destinations, Singaporeans can check provisions of any terrorism cover travel insurance available to secure their lives and belongings when travelling.

What is an act of terrorism?

The act of terrorism simply put is when a damage, harm or injury to human life or property. It is usually with an objective to pursue either economic, ethnic, political, racial or religious interest. When the relevant government declares there is an act of terrorism in the country of your visit, it will also be covered by your travel insurance.

What do I need to check when choosing a travel insurance terrorism cover

Understanding you travel insurance policy is very important especially when tackling terrorism cover. Here are a few things you need to do:

  • Check how much refund can ou get for cancelled trips due to terrorist incidents. Some insurers will reimbursement full amount while others pay a fraction of the cost.
  • Know what medical coverage will be provided for injuries incurred during terrorist attacks
  • Ask what kind of assistance will be provided when leaving a country that experienced terrorist attacks
  • Read news stories and government alerts to better prepare for a travel insurance policy that will provide comprehensive assistance and reimbursement.


Travelling is a risk and going to places that are threatened by terrorist activities is a more dangerous situation to be in. Keep safe, check travel insurance terrorism offers with GoBear and find that affordable shield against terrorism and other unsafe events.


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