Traveling during Pregnancy Term

Do you know how far into a pregnancy are you allowed to travel? Traveling while pregnant is gaining popularity with couples going on babymoon before their firstborn arrives. Pregnancy-related expenses travel insurance is important for ladies who are pregnant and need to travel overseas.


In Singapore, if you are within the 28 weeks of pregnancy, you will not need any medical certificate to travel. As a general guide, it is better that you inform your gynaecologist of your proposed travel plans and obtain medical guidance before making your travel reservations.


There are other scenarios to note too, based on the Singapore Airlines travel information for expectant mothers, for uncomplicated single pregnancies, expectant mothers are restricted from travelling beyond the 36th week of pregnancy (calculated based on the expected date of delivery).


And for uncomplicated multiple pregnancies, restriction is implemented for travelling beyond the 32nd week of pregnancy (calculated based on the expected date of delivery).


For uncomplicated single pregnancies between 29 weeks and 36 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers are required to provide a medical certificate stating the following:

  1. Fitness to travel  
  2. The number of weeks of pregnancy
  3. Estimated date of delivery.


The certificate should be dated within ten days of the date of the first flight exceeding 28 weeks of pregnancy. This certificate will have to be presented at check-in when requested.


For uncomplicated multiple pregnancies, you need to present the medical certificate if you are travelling between the 29th and 32nd week of pregnancy (calculated based on the expected date of delivery).

Pregnancy-related expenses 

When purchasing travel insurance for women who are pregnant, you should read and compare the travel insurance policy document to ensure the policy covers you throughout the trip.


Usually only the medical expenses will be covered up to the limit of the travel plan you purchased, may range from $2,000 to $10,000 in most travel insurance plans in Singapore.


Depend on the travel insurance plan and premium, the benefits will vary. Before you decide which travel insurance plan is suitable for you, it is good to do a comparison and read through the coverage and benefits of the policy


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