Personal Accident Coverage for Travel Insurance

Personal accident travel insurance benefits for most travel insurance covers accidental death and permanent disablement. Accident means a sudden, unexpected and specific events, external to the body, which occurs at an identifiable time and place.


So when claiming for personal accident benefit from your travel insurance, you should ensure you have the necessary information and proof before submitting your claim.

Types of Personal Accident Covered in Travel Insurance

Different travel insurers and travel insurance products provide various levels of coverage. You need to ensure you compare the travel insurance summary of benefits or coverage before you purchase the most suitable plan.

Travel insurance usually covers a standard list of personal accident coverage. Some of these include:


  • Accidental Death & Permanent Disablement
    This covers death by accident and total and permanent disablement of an individual involved in an accident and as a consequence, sustain injury or death within 90 days of the date of the accident during the period of insurance. Benefit for such coverage is 100% of the principal sum insured.


  • Public Transport Double Cover or Indemnity
    This covers an accident that occurs whilst you are overseas and riding as a fare-paying passenger in a public transport, resulting in your death.


  • Child Education Subsidy
    If upon an accidental death and at the date of the accident you have a legal child or children, the insurer will pay the sum insured, up to the limit specified in the selected travel insurance plan for each legal child and up to a maximum of four children. This benefit is only payable once for any child even if the child is covered by more than one travel insurance policy.


Depending on the travel insurance plan and premium, the benefits will vary. Before you decide which travel insurance plan is suitable for you, it is good to do a comparison and read through the coverage and benefits of the policy.



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