The right travel insurance coverage includes loss of travel documents. This provides reimbursement of expenses incurred for processing the replacement of lost or damaged documents required for travel. This insurance coverage includes loss of passport or travel agency papers, the Visa required for entry to countries that request for it, or a separate Schengen Visa for entry to certain European countries.


It also includes other stuff like plane tickets and documents to be presented to the immigration authorities of the country you’re travelling to. Logically, travelling without these documents can prohibit you from taking the trip, so you shell out more money just to have them replaced in time for the trip.

It’s a good thing that some companies allow travel insurance claim for the expenses you incur to replace a lost passport, for as long as you lost it during the time of your plan’s coverage. 

How do I claim travel insurance coverage for lost or damaged documents?

If you have lost your travel documents overseas, you may incur the cost for the replacement of your passports, travel tickets and visa. Other claimable expenses include additional travel fees and hotel accommodation paid whilst overseas to replace your lost travel documents due to either robbery, burglary, theft or natural disasters.


Loss of cash, travellers’ cheques or banknotes, due to robbery, burglary, theft, or natural disasters is limited to up to a fixed amount as stated in your travel insurance wording. Usually, you will not be allowed to claim fully if you are travelling with a large amount of money.


Like all claims, loss of travel document claim must be accompanied by written documentation from the police or such other authorities.

What do I need to prepare for my travel insurance coverage claim?

A travel insurance claim should be supported with proper documentation. Your insurer or the airline may ask for the documents below as proof of lost or damaged travel documents:


·       Police report indicating the lost item or items

·       Report for baggage loss or damage filed by the service providers or the airlines

·       Photographs that show the damaged items

·       Copy of report from the company/repairer stating the extent of damage incurred by your belonging and the cause

·       Receipt for replacement or repair of the lost or damaged travel documents


It is great to know that most insurers and airlines in Singapore include loss or damage of travel documents in their coverage. If you’re heading to your next flight, start searching for the best travel insurance in Singapore and secure your belongings. Compare travel insurance with GoBear!

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