Loss of baggage travel insurance protects a traveller by covering lost or damaged luggage and other personal belongings declared before the flight.


You might not be aware of it but airlines and travel insurance companies have provisions for luggage protection upon booking your flight. If you think that everything you have brought overseas is claimable if lost, then you need to keep reading. Even the best travel insurance in Singapore have limitations when it comes to coverage. It is essential that you understand the limits of your insurance policy before your claim for lost or damaged belongings.


A travel insurer pays up to a limit stated in travel insurance agreement and depending on the type of plan you purchased.

What is the covered with a loss of baggage travel insurance?

Travel insurance providers cover two kinds of luggage loss which are:


·      Permanent loss of luggage – The insured traveller is entitled to claim all declared belongings which are damaged or lost which can take days or weeks or months before the airlines can confirm that the items are permanently lost.


·      Temporary loss of luggage – The insured traveller can claim for baggage delay coverage which means that the luggage checked in did not arrive on time. Usually, you may allot a few hours waiting before you go and check with your insurer about any compensation.

What should be considered for loss of baggage travel insurance claim?

For loss of baggage to be claimable from your travel insurer, the loss or damage should have been caused by natural disasters or any other event beyond your control. Items that are claimable include one laptop computer per insurance policy and up to a limited claimable amount of usually $1,000, and $500 per article, per pair or per set of items.


The final claimable is at the sole discretion and option of the insurer, whether to make payment for the loss or damage, reinstate the item or repair the damaged personal baggage. For all loss from the best travel insurance Singapore, a police report or report to the relevant authority such as the hotel and airline management where the baggage was lost must be made within 24 hours of the incident. Claims with your travel insurer must be accompanied by written documentation from the authorities you report to.


Losing your luggage or any other personal belonging during travel is not only a waste of time and money but is also a hindrance to supposed fun and exciting journey. Compare travel insurance with GoBear now and ensure a memorable and hassle-free trip to your next destination!

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