What You Need to Know About Travel Insurance Coverage

Protect your next flight and save more with travel insurance covers!

Planning a holiday is always fun and exciting. Who doesn’t love a trip to your favourite destination with family and friends? One essential task on your travel planning list has got to be finding the right travel insurance that will meet your needs.

With so many insurance providers in Singapore offering different types coverage, comparing could take a very long time, and very often one may just go with their usual insurance companies and get the plan they offer.


During peak travel period, some companies may also very attractive discounts. So before jumping in to get the best travel insurance, it is always good to compare with GoBear to see which offers the suit your travelling need.

Common Travel Insurance Plans in Singapore

The common travel insurance plans are a single trip, group or annual plans. Single trip travel insurance plan covers an individual for one trip over a fixed pre-determined period.


Group travel insurance plan covers more than one traveller usually going on a trip together during a fixed period, ideal for families.


For frequent travellers, an annual travel insurance plan will be recommended as it saves time, money and covers the entire year at a fixed travel insurance premium.

Comparing Travel Insurance Companies

Most insurance providers and even local banks offer different plans to their customers. Many of these provide almost the same coverages and benefits, and the higher the premium the better and higher the coverages and benefits, too.


When comparing, one will need to ensure that the coverage and benefit schedule listed are sufficient for each person’s need and the travel plan.


Before you decide which travel insurance plan to take up, it is good to do a comparison and read through the coverages and benefits of the policy.


Getting a travel insurance plan is as necessary as booking a flight to your next destination. As the old saying goes, if you can’t afford a travel insurance, don’t travel!


So, why deprive yourself of landing in one of the most beautiful places in the world if you can get the cheapest and best coverage with GoBear’s comparison tool?



Types of CoverageTypes of Coverage

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