FWD believes that the key to insurance is simplicity; make the clients understand insurance, and they will discover for themselves why it’s important to have one. FWD does not employ expensive middlemen—saving time for both the clients and themselves. The entire process, from coverage to claims, is made easier for customers, and products are tailored to fit customers' lifestyles and requirements.


FWD’s service is fast and direct, their products affordable and customisable. As Singapore's newest composite insurer, FWD strives to develop products for both individuals and businesses that will provide Singapore with a new perspective on insurance.

Premium Travel Insurance Plan

Medical Coverage

  • Maximum repayment of $200,000 for medical expenses made overseas, medical costs incurred in Singapore after the travel and daily income if hospitalised

Travel Disruption

  • Maximum reimbursement of $7,500 for any trip cancelled before leaving Singapore

  • $18,750 maximum repayment on Family Plans for flights cancelled before leaving Singapore

  • Provision of 7 days as automatic travel extension

Travel Inconveniences

  • $200 maximum benefit for each person every six hours of baggage delay

  • $300 repayment on missed connections or $100 for every six hours that insured person is stranded

  • $500 worth of compensation for travel diversion or $100 for every six hours that flight is deterred overseas

Accidental death and permanent disability

  • Surviving children will receive up to $100,000 if both parents suffer permanent disablement or death due to accident

Business Travel Insurance Plan

Medical Coverage

  • Up to $500,000 reimbursement on medical expenses incurred abroad, on hospitalisation and medical spending within Singapore

Travel Disruption

  • Up to $10,000 repayment on trips cancelled before parting Singapore

  • $25,000 maximum benefit on Family Plans for cancelled trips before leaving Singapore

  • Automatic travel extension of 14 days

Travel Inconveniences

  • $500 maximum benefit per person on missed connections

  • Up to $600 repayment on baggage delay equivalent to $200 for every six hours of luggage deferment

  • Up to $1000 compensation for travel diversion or $100 for every six hours diverted flights to areas outside of planned itinerary

Accidental Death and Permanent Disability

  • $200,000 maximum repayment to surviving children of insured parents who dies or who suffer from permanent disablement due to accident during their trip

First Travel Insurance Plan 

Medical Coverage

  • $1,000,000 maximum compensation for medical expenses made abroad, hospitalisation and on Chinese medicine, chiropractic and physiotherapy

Travel Disruption

  • Up to $15,000 repayment on cancelled flights before leaving Singapore

  • Maximum of $37,500 compensation on Family Plans for cancelled trips before leaving Singapore

  • $1,500 maximum reimbursement on postponed trips while still in Singapore

Travel Inconveniences

  • Baggage delay will be paid with a maximum of $1,000 or $200 for every six hours of deferment

  • $1,000 maximum limit on repayment for travel delay

  • Up to $500 benefit on missed connections

Accidental Death and Permanent Disability

  • Up to $300,000 benefit granted to surviving children of parents who meet accidents abroad and die or suffer from permanent disablement


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