Travel Insurance Companies

Search for travel insurance companies and find the right cover for your next trip

Getting a travel insurance for your next destination is no longer a difficult thing to do considering more than ten companies offering coverages that will secure your flights. There’s MSIG, AXA, Aviva, FWD, Tokio Marine, Etiqa and let’s not forget the banks too.


Each offering different travel insurance plans and has some may also have on-going promotions throughout the year. Imagine having to check all of them out one at a time to find the right insurance plan for your trip.


Thanks to technology, we can save on time and energy and just visit comparison websites like GoBear. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll be able to compare across all the major insurance providers and the products they offer. GoBear allows you to do all these quickly free of cost.

What to look for in a travel insurance?

Before you compare at GoBear, checkout some things you need to consider when choosing the flight insurance package that is right for you.

  • Included destinations – Policies vary and there are insurers that do not apply the coverage for specific destinations. Some companies exclude Egypt and Turkey while others don’t always consider Canada and USA as part of its worldwide coverage.
  • Pre-existing conditions – You always need to be honest about your current medical condition before getting that best travel insurance in Singapore. Disclosing any pre-existing condition will make sure that whatever coverage will be availed thereafter will validate your policy.
  • Claims limit – You should always know much can be claimed after an event like losing your luggage or missing your flight. Declare everything that you will be taking with you during the travel and make sure that the insurer identifies which will be covered or not.
  • Cancellations – Ask your provider regarding the exact period when the insurance takes effect. Some insurers allow you to be covered on the same day when you booked the flight while others only take effect during the day of your travel.


Knowing what policy and coverage are entailed with your travel insurance plan can help in choosing the best option available. Find out how much you can save by comparing policies through GoBear’s unbiased tool

Compare insurance and banking products, and find out how much you can save.