(updated on 10 December 2020)


Woodpecker Asia Tech Pte. Ltd. ("GoBear"), is conducting the “Receive $150 Cash Reward!” ("Promotion"). By participating in the Promotion, you:

1. agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions;

2. represent and warrant that you are an Eligible Participant; 

3. consent to GoBear’s collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with the GoBear Privacy Policy



4. The Promotion shall commence from 3 September to 10 December 2020, both dates inclusive (“Promotion Period”).

5. For this Promotion, Eligible Participants will be rewarded with SGD $150 cash (Prize). 

6. All Prizes are non-exchangeable and non-transferrable.



7. To be an Eligible Participant, participants must:

  1. be an individual of at least 21 years of age;
  2. make an Application (as defined in Clause 9) via GoBear during the Promotion Period;
  3. be a New Customer of HSBC and have their Application approved by HSBC;
  4. apply via https://www.gobear.com/sg/credit-card-sign-up-2020-promotion;
  5. ensure that the tracking of the Application is active throughout the Application process. If for some reason the Application made on HSBC's page has failed, Eligible Participant needs to click through the link on the campaign page again and re-submit your Application to ensure tracking is still active. The Application must also be completed within 10 minutes for successful tracking. GoBear takes no responsibility for failed tracking of the Application leading to ineligibility for the Promotion.
  6. complete the Rewards Redemption Form by the Closing Date (as defined in Clause 13) on GoBear Redemption page.

8. “New Customer” refers to an individual who:

  1. does not have an existing HSBC credit card at the time of application;
  2. did not previously have a HSBC credit card that was terminated in the last 12 months prior to the  Promotion Period.

9. Only the following credit card applications are eligible for the Promotion ("Application"): 

  1. HSBC Advance Credit Card
  2. HSBC Revolution Credit Card
  3. HSBC Visa Platinum Card

10. Each Eligible Participant is entitled a maximum of one Prize for this Promotion and only in compliant accordance with paragraphs 7 and 8 above.

11. By taking part in this Promotion, an Eligible Participant consents to HSBC informing GoBear of the status of the Application.

12. GoBear reserves the right to reject participation by any individual, including Eligible Participant(s), at its sole discretion.



13. The Qualifying Period and Closing Date(s) for Redemption Form as set out below:

Card Account Opening Date (“Qualifying Period”) 

Closing Date for Redemption Form (“Closing Date”)

3 September – 30 September 2020

9 October 2020

1 October – 31 October 2020

9 November 2020

1 November – 30 November 2020

9 December 2020

1 December - 10 December 2020 19 December 2020

14. GoBear will inform each Winner via the contact details provided within 6 - 8 weeks after the end of each Qualifying Period.

15. Prizes will be credited to Winner's PayNow account within 8 - 12 weeks after the end of the Qualifying Period. GoBear will inform Eligible Customers if there are any delays beyond this period.  

16. GoBear does not bear any responsibility if the PayNow account or contact details given by the Winner is inaccurate; Winner shall assume all responsibility to provide accurate personal details. If the Paynow account or contact details given by the Winner is inaccurate, the Prize may be forfeited at GoBear's absolute discretion. 

17. If the Winner fails to comply with any other term or condition specified by GoBear, the Prize may be forfeited at GoBear's absolute discretion. 

18. In the event that a Prize incurs any tax liability, such tax shall be the sole responsibility of the winner.



19. GoBear’s decision on matters regarding the Promotion, including whether a participant or entry qualifies for the Promotion is final.

20. GoBear reserves the right to terminate any participant's participation in the Promotion at any time and in its discretion in the event of a breach or suspected breach of any of the Terms and Conditions herein without prior notification or incurring any liability to any participant whatsoever.

21. Approvals of any credit card are subjected to HSBC’s discretion. GoBear does not guarantee the approval of any credit card.

22. GoBear reserves the right to pursue legal action against any person which it believes has undertaken fraudulent activities or other activities harmful or prejudicial to the Promotion, the participation process or the relevant website.

23. GoBear reserves the right to partially or completely cancel, terminate or suspend the Promotion for any reason without incurring any liability whatsoever.

24. GoBear reserves the right at any time to amend or vary these Terms and Conditions and/or any of the instructions or explanations at its sole discretion without prior notice. Any such changes shall be binding and will take effect immediately upon such amendment, change or deletion. Participation in the Promotion shall constitute acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and any amendment(s) thereof.