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It is always a good time to reassess your current insurance plans. GoBear will help you to find the latest prices, best insurance deals and added benefits available.

It is important to understand that the coverage score is not a subjective score on how “good” a product is. The coverage score is a purely mathematically generated score (which GoBear has no manual input into) of a financial services product calculated and generated via an algorithm based on the coverage amounts of each of the top-5 most searched for features/benefits of a product relative to those of other insurance products of, and from, other providers. In order to derive this information, GoBear gathers all available market/public data on all products available in the market. We then include this data in our database and derive the minimum, maximum and median of the said top-5 features and benefits and set “from-to” ranges from 0-5 points – checking for even spreads during and at the end of the process.

For example, with regard to travel insurance products, the top-5 features/benefits on which the coverage score would be calculated would typically include:

  • Personal accident 
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost bags and belongings
  • Cancelled trip
  • Emergency medical evacuation

Based on the above, a score is then assigned to the product's coverage for every one of the top-5 features/benefits out of a maximum of 5. The average of the 5 coverages is taken to give a score out of 10. The score assigned is completely based on the respective coverage amount and no other factor(s). All products are assessed using the same methodology and coverage ratings making sure that the scoring is uniform, unbiased across all products and providers.

We work with most of the key players in insurance, but not all of them. Of the ones we work with, we don’t play favourites.

You can save money by comparing insurance plans – and their fine print. By using your smarts (and our comparison tool), you can see which deal is cheapest but, more importantly, which deal is really the best value for money.


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