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About the provider

The Wise Traveller offers innovative and comprehensive insurance plans that allow travelers to enjoy best discounts, travel amenities and services. Wise Traveller upgrades every journey through its strategic industry partnerships and a worldwide network of distributors, affiliates and agents. 

Wise Traveller Secure is a full-cover insurance package to provide protection for you and your family overseas. Starting from $188 per annum for individuals, you can ensure secure travels at discounted rates. 

Coverages and Benefits of The Wise Traveller Secure Plan

The Wise Traveller Secure Plan offers the following benefits: 

  • Up to USD 150,000 worth of compensation for permanent disablement and accidental death
  • Maximum of USD 225,000 for medical expenses including return treatment. This also covers Chinese physician fee up to USD750 and dental expense up to USD 500
  • Unlimited access to 24-hour emergency medical assistance and evacuation
  • Up to USD 7,000 repayment on trip interruption and curtailment
  • Maximum of USD7,500 on instances of trip cancellation
  • WiseTraveller pays up to USD150 on travel misconnection, USD750 on baggage delay and USD500 on loss of travel documents
  • Maximum repayment of USD3,500 compensation for damage or loss of personal effects and luggage
  • USD 750,00 payment on personal liability

Rates for the above benefits are indicated in USD. For better comparison of these compensations with offers from other travel insurance companies, GoBear uses 1USD=S$1.33.

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Last update on Nov 19, 2020