Allianz Travel Insurance

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About the provider

Allianz Travel is one of Singapore’s premier travel insurance providers that aims to provide a comfortable and convenient way of buying products that secure their customer’s trips. Allianz Travel employs its own in-house medical assistance team all around the world to help you in times of emergency. Medical doctors, translators, call centre assistants, and a repatriation team are available to provide services via a 24-hour hotline. 

Why should I choose Allianz Travel insurance?

Purchasing any of those packages for travel insurance ensures: 

  • Maximum benefits from one of the leading companies in the field of tourism travel insurance and assistance services
  • Existence of more than 13,000 associates worldwide which means you can have maximum assistance in majority of your prospective destinations 
  • The company has a network of medical and legal professionals in more than 150 countries including doctors, lawyers and translators. 
  • Provides insured individuals with non-stop assistance and quality services wherever you are in the world. 

What privileges do you get from Allianz Travel?

Gold Travel Insurance

Allianz's Gold package offers unlimited cover for overseas emergency medical or hospital expense. This is available for all types of insurance plans. Whether you opt for a single trip, family or annual program, you can get a Gold package to enjoy maximum benefits.

Benefits of Gold Travel Insurance: 

  • Up to $8,000 worth of payout for overseas medical expenses for women’s interests
  • Up to $500 worth of overseas medical expenditures for traditional Chinese medicine
  • Up to $50,000 value of foreign hospital confinement benefit
  • Up to $ 1,500 local confinement allowance
  • Maximum of $50,000 local medical expenses for out-patient treatment
  • Unlimited access to 24-hour emergency medical assistance and evacuation
  • Universal service on repatriation or mortal remains to home country

Silver Travel Insurance 

Silver travel insurance plan is available from $16 to $46 per month depending on which type of insurance you are going to buy. Whether you are travelling alone or with the whole family, here are a few of the benefits you can claim:

  • $1,000,000 worth of overseas medical or hospital expenses due to sickness
  • $1,000,000 worth of overseas emergency medical, hospital, or dental losses due to accident
  • $5,000 worth of overseas medical costs for women's benefits
  • $300 worth of payouts for local medical expenses for traditional Chinese medicine
  • $25,000 foreign confinement benefit
  • $1,000 local hospital confinement allowance
  • $25,000 medical local expenditures for out-patient treatment
  • $1,400 payout for luggage delay and $1,500 for travel delay
  • $15,000 for trip curtailment, loss of deposits, travel rearrangement, travel interruption and trip postponement

Bronze Travel Insurance

Bronze Travel Insurance is only available for single trip and family travel. The single-family trip starts from $32 while the single trip package is available from $15. For less than $50, you can enjoy a combination of the following benefits:


  • $400,000 overseas emergency medical or hospital expenses due to sickness and due to accident
  • $2,000 foreign medical cost for women's benefits
  • $100 for local medical expenses for traditional Chinese medicine
  • $12,000 worth of overseas hospital confinement benefit
  • $2,500 additional overseas hospital confinement benefit
  • $50,000 repatriation fee for mortal remains to home country or Singapore
  • $3,500 worth of payout for loss or damage to unchecked luggage and personal belongings. 


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How do I make a claim?

With Allianz Travel, you don’t have to go through the tedious preparation of documents. You can quickly submit your claims through an online portal and follow these steps: 

  • Fill out the claims form with your personal information and choose the benefits corresponding your request
  • Scan or take a photo of your documents and upload them. Samples of the format and other necessary details when uploading can be seen on the company’s online claim portal. 
  • Provide your bank account details in the portion under Payment Details

Insured individuals can also email the company via [email protected] or call their hotline +65 6327 2215 for immediate response on questions about claims. 

What other products does Allianz Travel offer?

Allianz Travel is the travel insurance arm of Allianz Group, a conglomerate that serves 86.3 million customers in more than 70 countries. Aside from travel insurance, the Allianz Group also offers: 

  • Health and life insurance – Allianz partners include large multinational companies, government organisations and private individuals to secure the life of every person there is. Allianz offers a range of health and protection services with 24/7 multilingual helpline. You can download the MyHealth app for quick claims submission. 
  • House and home – Allianz has established a full liability household and legal insurance for your home and properties. In times of emergencies, your homes are secured. You can also try to check the opportunity of building a more sustainable house for your family with Allianz assistance. 
  • Global automotive – Allianz Travel provides the expertise and support you need to enable the applicable mobility and insurance solutions. 
Last update on Apr 24, 2020