Citibank Home Loan

Compare Citibank home loans against offers from other leading home loan providers in Singapore

About the provider

Citibank Singapore Ltd is a subsidiary of Citigroup and has approximately 200 million customers. It has offices in 160 countries worldwide providing its clients with a wide range of financial products. Citibank offers foreign currency deposits, credit cards, mortgage, and insurance.
Citibank’s home loan packages ease out the burden of committing to a huge financial obligation through competitive interest rates and payment schemes.

Why should I choose Citibank home loan?

Citibank helps you get a new residential property or to have your mortgaged property refinanced with the following benefits:

  • Ease – You can apply for Citibank home loans easily without having to prepare a lot of documents just to have your loan approved
  • Convenience – Upon completion and submission of your loan requirements, Citi provides 2-month conditional approval for the home loan
  • Peace of mind – A mortgage specialist from Citi will assist you from the beginning up to the end of your home loan journey

What benefits does Citibank home loan provide?

New Residential Property Purchase 

  • Get cash rewards equal to 0.07% of your loan amount
  • Choose from a wide range of SIBOR linked packages with a chance to switch from one tenure to another
  • Use online tools like in-principle approval and monthly repayment calculator

Refinance or Cashout

  • Grab the benefit of getting interested savings from refinancing
  • Get entitled for a legal subsidy worth up to $2,500
  • Choose from a variety of SIBOR-linked offers and switch from different SIBOR tenures
  • Instant access to the assistance of dedicated team for Mortgage client care
  • Use of tools like the monthly repayment calculator and in-principle approval
  • Get a maximum of $5,000 cash reward or low-interest rates equal to SIBOR + 0.35% for the first three years if you have a loan amount of $500,000.

 Most of the above-mentioned benefits also apply for renovation and reconstruction of your home.

How do I apply for a Citibank Home Loan?

Follow these five simple steps to grab your dream homes today:

  1. Obtain the In-Principle Approval and know your loan eligibility. With this commendation, you'd also check the range of affordable option that will suit your needs.
  2. Select the property and get the OTP or option to purchase to express any offer
  3. Submit the In-Principle Approval and the OTP to acquire the bank’s confirmation
  4. A lawyer will assist you to apply for the use of your CPF funds. He will take charge of the execution of your mortgage with legal and valuable fees payable on your behalf.
  5. Wait for the loan disbursement letter to be issued once the process of purchase is finished.

If you are applying for Building-Under-Construction property, loan disbursement letter will be released base on the lawyer’s instructions.

What other products does Citibank offer?

  • Credit cards – Depending on your chosen reward, Citi credit cards can let you earn 20x rewards or 8 miles for every dollar spend on participating merchants. You can also receive welcome vouchers from your favorite brands and redeem for merchandise, holidays and more.
  • Debt consolidation plan – Citibank offer debt consolidation plan that has lower monthly repayments, a chance to make repayment via single bank, loan tenure of up to 7 years and credit card limit equivalent to your monthly income. The Citi debt consolidation has a complimentary protection coverage to a maximum of $160,000
  • Travel insurance – Travel happily while Citibank ensures your peace of mind by covering trip cancellation, flight delays, baggage loss, medical emergencies and more.
Last update on May 14, 2020