Bank of China Credit Cards

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About the provider

Bank of China (BOC) is one of the five biggest state-owned commercial banks in China, and it was the fourth-largest bank in the world by assets of approximately $2.6 trillion as of 2017 according to S&P Global Market Intelligence’s report. It offers products such as credit cards, consumer banking, corporate banking, finance, investment, mortgage loans, private banking, private equity, savings, securities, asset management, and wealth management.
In Singapore, BOC has been in business since 1936. It offers credit and debit cards of various features under personal banking. Some BOC credit cards include BOC Family Card, BOC Sheng Siong Card, BOC Zaobao Credit Card etc.

Why should I choose Bank of China credit cards?

BOC credit cards are teeming with different perks and rewards. Here are a few things you should check out: 

  • Bon Appetit – BOC credit cardholders can enjoy up to $10 discount at partner merchants like Bengawan Solo, Chocz, Long Beach Seafood Restaurant, Swensen’s and Restaurant Absinthe with their BOC Points
  • Hot Picks – Indulge in a shopping spree at merchants like Metro, Takashimaya and Al-Futtaim Retail Asia. Simply chalk up enough BOC Points and redeem the vouchers 
  • Retail and Leisure – Earn BOC points and redeem them at BOC partners like United Square Shopping Mall, Best Denki, Watsons, GNC, MPH Bookstore, OSIM, Pedro, Golden Village, etc. Redeem $10 worth of vouchers with as low as 2,800 BOC Points
  • Installment Plans – BOC offers 0% installment plans. You can convert expensive purchases into installments for 6, 12, 24 and 36 months. Check out and grab the latest items from more than 322 IPP merchant outlets in Singapore.
  • Fund transfer – BOC allows you to pay outstanding balances on your credit cards from other banks through fund transfer at 0% interest. 
  • Cash advance – Need extra cash? Then apply for any of those BOC credit cards and readily withdraw some money. 

What privileges do you get from Bank of China credit cards?

BOC travel card

BOC Travel Card is an exclusive travel card made to earn air miles and airport lounges. BOC UnionPay Travel Card offers 30% off on remittance fees to Mainland China, gives cardholders and exclusive 24-Hours Worldwide Concierge Assistance for any emergency while traveling.
Exclusive travel privileges include access to a wide range of shopping, dining, entertainment, travel and hotel deals throughout Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. Singapore participating merchants such as Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa Merlion Tower, Seafood International offer up to 15% discount to BOC Travel Card holders.

BOC shopping card

BOC Shop! Card offers 6% cash rebate when shopping online and at selected department stores in Singapore and for paying bills online. And an additional 1% cash rebate is being provided on all other spends. Many online participating vendors such as Vantytrove, Go Buy Lah, Asiatravel and others offer up to 10% discount on their products for all cardholders.
A BOC Retail and Leisure Reward System also affords all BOC cardholders with exclusive privileges such as S$10 discount in Popular Bookstores for 3,200 points, single Golden Village Movie Ticket for 2,700 points, and S$10 discount for 3,200 pints at Wisma Atria Shopping Mall.

BOC entertainment card

BOC F1RST Card offers one free movie ticket for every movie ticket purchased at Shaw Movie theaters. Cardholders also enjoy 1-for-1 single scoop ice cream at Marble Slab Creamery.
The reward system also offers S$10 discount at Takashimaya for 3,200 points, S$10 discount at Robinsons for 2,900 points, and S$10 discount at Metro for 3,200 points. These are the Hot Picks of the rewards system.
BOC UnionPay Dual Currency Debit Card and BOC Dual Currency Diamond Card also offer attractive entertainment privileges in Shaw Theaters and other leading outlets and departmental stores.

BOC dining card

BOC offers a reward system called BOC Bon Appetite. Its collection of points for cardholders can earn them discounts like the following: 2800 points can earn S$10 discount at  Bengawan Solo, 2500 points offer S$10 at Chocz, 5800 points get S$20 at Din Tai Fung.
Long Beach Seafood Restaurants offer $50 discount for 13800 points on all BOC cards, and many such participating restaurants are available.
Also, cards like BOC World MasterCard offer up to 20% discounts on participating restaurant’s total bills when charged to the card. 

How do I apply for Bank of China Credit Cards?


  • BOC complies with the guidelines of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) regarding credit card application. You need to be 21 years old and above, a resident of Singapore or a Permanent Resident or a foreigner working in Singapore. Applicants should also have at least $30,000 annual income while foreigners should have a minimum of $60,000 salary annually to qualify. 
  • To apply, complete the BOC Credit Card application form and submit the required supporting documents. These documents may include Income Tax Notice of Assessment, photocopy of NRIC front and back, CPF Statement of Account, Employment Pass for foreigners and latest computerized pay slip.
  • To check your application status, contact the Customer Service Hotline 18000-338-5335 

Once approved, always remember that the credit limit extended to you is about two times your monthly salary which will be the combination of all your cards from BOC and supplementary cards.

What other products does Bank of China offer?

Aside from credit cards, BOC also offers different types of loans including: 

  • Foreign Exchange Loan for Studying Abroad – This kind of financial privilege can be used to pay for tuition fees and other living expenses when studying abroad. It can be guaranteed by pledge, mortgage, insurance, third-party guarantee and many other possible means. 
  • Personal Loan of Housing for Business – BOC allows you to borrow money for business housing which is no more than 50% of the price of purchased house for business. This loan may require a lot of documents so you might as well visit any outlets of BOC. 
  • Personal Loan for Commercial Car – Individuals can apply for this investment to purchase vehicles that can be used to gain profits through operating or legal manufacturing. Commercial automobiles include buses, technical cars and freight trucks. Personal loan for commercial vehicles cannot last more than three years. 
Last update on May 14, 2020