Tokio Marine Car Insurance

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About the provider

Tokio Marine was established as the first insurance company in Japan 130 years ago. Today, its protection services spread to 38 countries including Singapore. Tokio Marine primarily offers a winning formulation for several insurance products that include marine cargo insurance, engineering and personal life insurance. 

Tokio Marine in Singapore aims to provide the highest quality of insurance services and products offered at fair prices.  With customer service that improves consistently over time, Tokio Marine is building relationships with its customers built on the highest level of mutual trust and efficiency. 

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Why should I choose Tokio Marine car insurance?

Tokio marine car insurance shields your vehicle against flood, windstorms, strike, riot and civil commotions. It has unlimited cover for windscreen amounting to $100 per claim. With Tokio Marine, car insurance is a simple and hassle-free affair. Comprehensive coverage ensures that you need not worry about your car — or its passengers — whenever you go for a business trip or family vacation.
While many car insurance companies offer similar benefits, their coverage and packages differ; it’s always best to err on the side of caution and make a car insurance comparison first before making a decision. Depending on the plan you choose, you can enjoy some benefits, including:

  • Coverage for legal liability to third party due to negligent acts
  • Personal accident coverage up to $50,000
  • Coverage for medical expenses up to $1,000 for every accident
  • 24-hour towing services
  • Unlimited windscreen coverage subject to applicable excess

What benefits does Tokio Marine car insurance provide?

Here are three types of motor or car insurance coverage you can consider when choosing Tokio marine car insurance: 


The Comprehensive cover includes repayment in case of vehicle loss or damage. You can also enjoy the benefits below: 

  • Unlimited windscreen cover – Subject to any applicable excess, you will get universal cover for damaged windscreen
  • Personal accident – Receive up to $50,000 worth of own accident benefit from Tokio Marine plus medical expenses repayment up to $1,000 
  • Towing services – Tokio Marine towing services are available for 2 hours to address your needs during accident-related breakdowns wherever you are in the city.
  • Additional covers – You can also enjoy covers for flood, windstorms, riot, civil commotion and strike
  • Benefits under approved workshop – All accident repairs covered by car insurance plans by Tokio Marine must be carried out at their Approved workshops unless the original warranty still covers the vehicle. Other workshop policies will be specified in your package by your insurance representative. 

Third Party Fire and Theft

The Third Party fire and theft coverage provides benefits in case of vehicle damage due to theft and fire. Your legal liability will also be handled by Tokio Marine as specified in your policy. 

Third Party

Tokio Marine provides cover on legal obligation in case of third-party property damage or injury

How do I make a claim?

Call 1800-225-8647 or Approved Workshops

Always report an accident at Approved Workshops and Reporting Centres, even if it doesn’t give rise to a claim, if the accident happens during:

  • Weekdays – Report within 24 hours of the accident.
  • Weekend or a Public Holiday – Report by the next working day.


What other products does Tokio Marine offer?

Tokio Marine’s wide range of insurance products include: 

  • Life insurance – KisAssure GIO Rider, TM Term Assure, TM Legacy LifeFlex and TM FlexiAssurance are just a few of the many life insurance products which you can avail from Tokio Marine. TM FlexiCover provides flexibility to adjust the investment and protection to suit your needs and priorities. It also allows for life replacement option and access t professionally managed funds linked to investment. 
  • Health Insurance – Tokio Marine helps reduce your monetary obligation when dealing with your health through several packages like the TM MultiCare, TM EarlyCover and KidAssure. The TM MultiCare is a regular premium that covers critical illnesses. It provides multiple payouts and allows two claims for the advanced stage of critical diseases. 
  • Travel insurance – Tokio Marine travel insurance plans compensate accidental death and disablement, medical coverage, trip cancellations and flight delays. You can choose between the premier and classic plans. 
Last update on Dec 02, 2020