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About the provider

Etiqa offers a range of insurance products in Singapore since 1961. Owned by Maybank Ageas Holdings Berhad, Etiqa operates with the fusion of international insurance expertise and local market experience. It was appointed as the official insurer of the Housing Development Board Fire Insurance Scheme in the country. 

From life protection and savings, Etiqa expanded to giving protection for maid, travel home, and motor insurance packages. Etiqa’s car insurance solutions include eProtect sMiles to help you save more through competitive rates. 

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Why should I choose Etiqa car insurance?

Aside from competitive rates, Etiqa has customisable coverage plans to make sure your needs are addressed. You can ride safely and comfortably with an assurance that you are covered anytime. 

You can also choose between the Private Car Insurance or the eProtect sMiles to save or to modify your benefits. 

Here are additional assistance you will be entitled to access when you choose any other Etiqa car insurance plans: 

  • Quality workshops for repairs
  • Competitive rates for Third Party only, Comprehensive and Third-party Fire & Theft coverage types
  • Get 5% Demerit Free Discount when you never made a claim for the last three years
  • Easy claims procedure

Etiqa is known for its credibility as a reliable insurance arm of Maybank Group earning an A rating by Fitch in 2016. Etiqa has policies that emphasises on consumer needs paving to its 55 years of providing insurance solutions in Singapore. 

What benefits does Etiqa car insurance provide?

Your Etiqa motor insurance benefits depend on the package you choose:

Private Car Insurance 

With this policy, you can grab a maximum of 28% daily coupon and get a chance to have your car repaired in 30 authorised workshops across Singapore. The Private Car Insurance has unlimited windshield cover aside from the following features: 

  • Personal accident cover up to $50,000
  • You can choose any workshop you want in case of car repair
  • In You get a maximum of $200 towing service
  • Includes legal liability of passengers for acts of negligence
  • A 5% demerit fee discount with presentation of Certificate of Merit from the Traffic Police and the insured individual did not file any claims for the past three years. 

eProtect sMiles

The eProtect sMiles is perfect for those drivers traveling on low mileage. This policy is great for weekend drivers and those handling second cars. Other features include: 

  • Easy and secure on-boarding – You can get hassle-free online application and avail the beacon device and starter kit via email once approved
  • Get annual premium worth $800 and upfront savings worth $400
  • Enjoy a mileage allocation of 1,500 kilometers per quarter or 6,000 kilometers annually
  • Use the Smiles Mobile App Tracking to track and reward the best practices of insured drivers

eProtect Motorcycle

  • Your motorcycle is covered in case of accidental loss or damages caused by fire, theft and other insured causes
  • In cases of accidents, the motorcycle is entitled to towing towards repairers or to other safe places
  • Cover on vehicles stolen outside of Singapore
  • You get a legal liability benefit in case of bodily injury or death to the third party

How do I qualify for Etiqa car insurance?

In order to be qualified for Etiqa car insurance, check whether you fulfill these eligibility conditions: 

  • The main driver or any other authorised drivers are either Singaporeans or Permanent Residents or Foreigners with valid NRIC
  • The main driver and any other drivers should be between 24-75 years old with a valid driving license of at least two years
  • The drivers should have never experienced cancellation or suspension of licenses for the last 3 years
  • The car is duly registered in Singapore and may not have been modified and changes should not deviate from LTA standards
  • The car was never used for hire, reward, lease of commercial purposes
  • Additional drivers should have never been declined the chance to renew insurance by other insurers
  • Additional drivers should have not made any 2 claims of more than $5,000 in the last 3 years

How do I make a claim?

Etiqa car insurance adheres to the Motor Claims Framework which is initiated by the General Insurance Association of Singapore, thus, the following steps in the event of an accident should be complied with to facilitate a claim: 

Step 1

  • Exchange particulars of involved parties including name, FIN or NRIC for foreign worker, telephone number, motor insurer and address
  • Write down the vehicle numbers
  • Take a photograph of the vehicles and the scene of accident

Step 2

  • Call the approved reporting center for towing and reporting of the accident. 

Step 3

  • Report and bring the involved car to the approved reporting center within 24 hours after the accident of by the next working day should the incident happened on a Public Holiday or a weekend

Etiqa requires police report to be presented to the Approved Reporting Centers. The police report should be acquired in case of injury, accidents involving government vehicles or damage to government property, accidents with a foreign vehicle, accidents that involve a cyclist or a pedestrian and “hit and run.” 

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What other products does Etiqa offer?

Here are other products offered by Etiqa: 

  • Whole Life Protection – Etiqa’s lifetime plan, the Whole Life Protection is a lifetime plan that provides financial security. Premium term for this policy covers insured individuals aged up to 70 or 85. Once insured, you are qualified to receive cash value accumulation and protection against the unexpected through lump sum payments in case of total and permanent disability and death
  • Saving plan protection – Choose among eEasy save, eEasy savepro, eSave assure 5 presto and eSave assure presto. These savings plans guarantee a return of 2.23% per annum with more than 114% of capital also guaranteed. Insured individuals can also receive up to $7,500 worth of shopping vouchers. 
  • Travel insurance – Enjoy travel assistance benefits that include emergency medical evacuation up to $1,500,000. Etiqa travel insurance also grants repayment on a loss of deposit, trip cancellation, and personal accident.

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Last update on Nov 12, 2020