DirectAsia Car Insurance

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About the provider

DirectAsia is Singapore’s homegrown car insurance company that deals 5-star quality package from $.090 per day. Its focus is to provide you with ultimate satisfaction and happiness through helpful customer assistance, more comfortable retail space, delightful web experience and reliable claims procedure. 

DirectAsia offers several types of car insurance cover that allows you to customize benefits according to your needs.

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Types of Car Insurance Covers

Comprehensive Cover

DirectAsia understands that accidents happen anytime and its comprehensive protection aims to protect you, your car and others around you from potential dangers each day. You can choose from 3-driver plans and can include 24-Hour Breakdown Assistance, Modification Cover and Loss of Use.

The Comprehensive Protection addresses the following: 

  • Repair of damaged windows and windshield
  • Cover from natural disasters like floods, fire and high winds.  
  • Protection of vehicle from vandalism or other damages caused by someone else.
  • Protection of vehicle in case of collisions and crash

Third-Party Fire and Theft

The Third-Party Fire and Theft (TPFT) cover is made for those who would not want to opt for Comprehensive Plan, but who still wants protection against fire and theft. TPFT is perfect for drivers who have longer years of driving experience and whose cars are at least eight years old. You can choose the workshop where your car will be repaired and Loss of Use privilege, in which you get $50 each day while your vehicle is undergoing repair. DirectAsia further sets up to 10 days of Loss of Use benefit per accident.

Third-Party Only

You may not find Comprehensive Plan and TPFT suited to your needs so try and check the cover included in Third-Party only plans. This type of cover provides all benefits required by Singapore law at an affordable price. Those driving for many years in Singapore can take this plan and enjoy the minimum cover. DirectAsia pays for the damages caused to another person's vehicle, but it will not pay for any costs that come with the repair of your car after an accident. 

SOS Car Insurance

Drivers who may not qualify for all the plans mentioned above can get SOS Car Insurance package which is also customizable and will still cover window breakage, towing expenses and loss due to natural disasters like fire and theft. 

Benefit Customisation

DirectAsia understands the different needs of drivers, so benefits included in the insurance package are optional and dependent on what the driver wants. 

Here is the list of covers you can choose from: 

  • Replacement – If your car is stolen or lost within the first 24 months after first registration, DirectAsia will replace it with the same model and make
  • Road Assistance – If you are driving to a remote place and experiences break down, the company will send round-the-clock roadside assistance. 
  • Medical Expense – You and your passenger will receive $500 for injuries acquired during a car accident
  • My Workshop – Enjoy the freedom of choosing the right workshop for your vehicle repairs
  • Personal Accident – Claim as much as $500,000 in case of loss of limbs or death due to an accident
  • My Accessories – DirectAsia will pay for covered the repair or replacement of covered accessories
  • Repatriation Costs – You will receive as much as $200 return costs while $3500 worth of expense when transporting your vehicle back to Singapore from Southern Thailand and West Malaysia

Car Insurance Plan Requirements

Driver Requirements

  • The driver must be at least 70 years old and must be driving in Singapore for a minimum of two years.
  • Driving licenses should not have been subject to cancellation or suspension in the last five years
  • Drivers who have terminated or refused their insurance and had more than two fault claims or accidents can go for the SOS Car Insurance option. 

Usage Requirements

  • The insured car should be for personal use only and not to be utilized for reward, hire or commercial purposes
  • The vehicle should be duly registered in Singapore and should be LTA compliant upon cover application
  • The policyholder must be the legal or registered owner of the vehicle
Last update on Oct 30, 2020