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About the provider

Aviva Ltd. provides a vast range of products to businesses and individuals. Formerly known as The Insurance Corporation of Singapore Limited, Aviva offers life insurance solutions for businesses, managed care plans, group insurance schemes and group term life insurance.

Why should I choose Aviva car insurance?

Below are some of the benefits you can enjoy from a car insurance plan provided by Aviva: 

  • Claims promise – Aviva confirms intact NCD and no upfront excess payables in case accident is not your fault
  • Customer promise – Aviva take you home for free as they promise to let you arrive home safely after an accident
  • Repair guarantee – All repairs are guaranteed for 12 months
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What benefits does Aviva car insurance provide?

Aviva promises to provide comprehensive car insurance coverage that suits the varying needs of car owners. Some of the coverage offers are listed below: 

Accidental loss, fire or theft damage to your vehicle:

  • Maximum payable amount same as the market value of your car including the COE charges when your vehicle is damaged or lost due to fire, theft and accident
  • Up to $500 worth of repayment each for accessories and audio equipment
  • Unlimited liability towards others in case of death or injury to passengers and other individuals

Use of car outside Singapore

  • If you use your vehicle in West Malaysia or Peninsula Thailand, you will be reimbursed with the maximum cover for your car insurance in Singapore. 
  • Aviva also provides minimum legal requirements in Thailand and Malaysia

Optional coverage: 

  • Replacement of keys and locks
  • Additional personal accident cover 
  • Privileged rate home insurance
  • No Claims Discount protector

How do I qualify for Aviva car insurance?

The following criteria should be complied with by all car insurance applicants: 

  • Must be 21-70 years old
  • Must be a resident of Singapore
  • Must be the legal owner of the vehicle to be insured
  • Must be medically fit to drive and should satisfy the regulations of driving in the country
  • Must not have been refused of insurance in the past
  • Must not have made more than two claims in the last three years
  • Must not have earned more than 12 demerit points 
  • Must not have acquired DIPS or No Drier Improvement Points System record on his driving license
  • The vehicle should be compliant with the standard of the Land and Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA)
  • The car to be insured should be under 15 years old

How do I make a claim?

Whether you plan to apply for the policy or not or whether your vehicle incurred damaged or not, car owners involved in accidents should report the incident to Aviva within 24 hours. Failure to do so means that your NCD can be affected and claims might be prejudiced. 

  • Windscreen claims – Notify Aviva after discovering that the windshield or any glass part of your car has been damaged by calling 6333 2222. A representative of the company will transfer you to Aviva Approved Windscreen Repairer and will advise you on the next steps of the process. In the case of a criminal or malicious incident against your car, you can report directly to the police. Claims should be supported by the original receipt and invoice from the repairer, copy of the police report and coloured photographs of the damage
  • Private settlement – Car owners who wish to enter into private agreement should download and fill out the private settlement form which should also be done by the other party involved
  • Third party re-repair inspection – Once you have chosen your workshop, email the estimated repair cost to Aviva GI claims. A surveyor will visit the workshop and evaluate the damage. 

What other products does Aviva offer?

Aviva also provides the following products: 

  • Travel insurance – Choose from the company’s three important policy options for travel including Travel Lite, Travel Plus and Travel Prestige
  • Personal accident insurance – For Aviva, an accident happens anytime, so it is best for people to be prepared with personal accident insurance. New applicants can enjoy 50% discount on premium plans, 10% discount on married couple schemes, 14-day money back guarantee, free child cover and worldwide personal liability cover
  • Home insurance – A comprehensive home insurance under three policies namely Home Plus, Home and Home Lite. Benefits of this product include modification of the system to suit your needs, quick online claims process and 24/7 emergency home assistance helpline. 

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