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About the provider

American International Group, Inc is a global insurance organisation. AIG’s challenge is to provide consumers and businesses with the insurance they need so that they will gain the confidence that will help them prosper. In service to the Singapore community since 1953, it’s one of the largest general insurance companies that provide solutions that change with the times — and according to clients’ needs.
Their range of products and services provide global coverage for auto, home, travel, personal accident, professional liability, and marine cargo and small business, to name a few.

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Why should I choose AIG car insurance?

AIG has one of the best lists of benefits when it comes to car insurance in Singapore. Here are a few privileges you can get when you purchase one of their auto insurance plans: 

  • 15% off for low-risk drivers – Drivers with low-risk rating scores will be rewarded with a maximum of 15% SDD discount on their AIG vehicle insurance premium. Moreover, the first 100 drivers who earn a low-risk rating can sign up or renew their AIG vehicle insurance plan with free AA membership. 
  • 5% SDD – Even if you are a medium-risk or high-risk driver, you still have the chance to get 5% discount if you have at least 30% NCD for your current plan. 
  • AA membership – Being a member lets you enjoy free 24/7 road assistance and reciprocal breakdown services in more than 120 countries and 138 motoring clubs nationwide. You will also be entitled to enjoy 24-month car battery warranty, petrol discounts and lifestyle privileges in 175,000 locations worldwide.

Which AIG car insurance plan is best for you?

Featuring comprehensive coverage and on-call service for emergency and claim assistance, AIG Car Insurance is the plan for the meticulous road warrior. Its range of products is designed to provide premium and affordable coverage.
To cater to the needs of every driver, AIG Car Insurance offers three plans — each with a set of benefits that provide the best value per price point. Check out AIG’s programs below to get you started on your car insurance comparison.


For your primary car insurance needs, AutoValue is a customisable plan that provides what you need at a price that won’t break the bank. Benefits include:

  • Cover for accidents
  • Protection for car lock and keys


If you have a preferred workshop or one where you have always brought your car for service, the AutoPlan will provide you with the power to do that, plus a brand-new replacement car that’s the same make and model. Other benefits include:

  • Cover for accidents
  • Protection for car lock and keys
  • Customisable coverage


For more than the usual coverage, AutoPlus provides additional benefits such as a brand-new replacement car in case your car is totalled and customizable coverage that allows you to lower premiums by adjusting your excess. Other benefits include:

  • Excess waiver for safe drivers
  • Complimentary 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Protection for car lock and keys
  • Loss of use car replacement for up to 10 days

How do I qualify for AIG car insurance?

AIG works together with the AAS Academy to offer drivers an Online Driver Risk Assessment. The assessment is intended to help individuals identify their driving risk based on knowledge, concentration, observation, hazard perception and attitude. 

To qualify, drivers should meet the following criteria: 

  • You are an existing AIG vehicle insurance policyholder
  • Your vehicle insurance plan is expiring not more than 90 days from the time you take the assessment
  • You are not an AIG customer, but you are interested in buying one of AIG’s car insurance plans.

How do I make a claim?

Here are a few tips on how to make auto insurance claims with AIG. 

Required information to report an accident: 

  • Registration numbers of vehicles involved
  • Make/model/colour of cars
  • Name/address/NRIC of the other driver
  • Contact number of the other driver
  • Insurance company of the other driver
  • Extent of damage to vehicles
  • Date/time/place of the accident
  • Positions of the car before & after collision
  • Photographs taken at scene of accident, if any
  • Particulars of any witnesses
  • Weather and road conditions

For Own Damage (OD) Claims: 

  • Survey – Let the workshop conduct an estimate of the repair cost. Workshop personnel should not perform any repair without the approval of AIG
  • Excess – Customers are required to pay the extra directly to the workshop
  • No Claims Discount – NCD privileges are reduced accordingly when you make OD claims. 
  • Windscreen claim – Windscreen cover will be reinstated automatically for free after a request. 

For Third-Party Claims: 

Option 1: Send the vehicle to any AIG authorised workshops. If the other party is entirely at fault, the workshop will repair and will claim on your behalf. 

Option 2: In case the workshops are unable to do repairs, then you have to submit the claim to third-party insurers. Follow the steps below: 

  • Ask the workshop to prepare the estimated cost of repair
  • Contact the third-party insurer and ask them to survey the vehicle. You can also choose an independent surveyor to assess the damage
  • Proceed with the repair
  • Settle the bills and all other expenses including car rental fees
  • Send the claim to the third-party insurer along with all receipts and documents that support your claims

What other products does AIG offer?

AIG is your ally for your insurance needs. The wide-range of products offered include: 

  • Travel insurance – AIG provides worry-free holiday with Travel Guard plan offering comprehensive assistance. The company also provides Student Assist Program that protects students overseas. 
  • Personal accident and health insurance – AIG PROHealth and Sapphire Enhanced are two comprehensive plans that cover you in times of accident or illness. Sapphire Enhanced allows add-on for optional benefits and four different choices of coverage. 
  • Home insurance – AIG also offers Homes Advantage Package, Enhanced Public Housing Contents, Premier Client Solutions, Homes Advantage, Homes Complete and Public Housing Protection Plan. You can enjoy premium home cover with up to $1 million repayments on worldwide personal liability. 
Last update on Dec 02, 2020