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Up, up and away

Oct 26, 2015
The Business Times: Views from the Top
...being transparent lets us set a purpose and direction...


Andre Hesselink, CEO of GoBear responds to The Business Times’ weekly column “Views from the Top”. 
The column features comments and opinions from C-level executives across industries as they respond to hot topics in the news.  

OCT 26, 2015

What are the most important attributes of an excellent organisation?
Why is it necessary for your firm to continue to scale new heights?

Andre Hesselink

CEO, GoBear

TRANSPARENCY within the company and towards the consumer is what we consider to be a determining factor towards an excellent organisation, especially in the industry in which we've positioned ourselves. As a comparison website for insurance and financial products, GoBear strives to make comparisons as transparent as possible, and completely understandable for consumers.

With technology as the cornerstone of GoBear's business operation, we know in this digital era everything is so easily searched for and consumers undeniably value transparency. Being as bare as possible is a strategy that we execute to build public trust and more significantly, empower them.

Within the company itself, being transparent lets us set a purpose and direction, allowing us to concentrate as a team with a long-term commitment to a customer-centric focus, so that we can provide them the most unbiased and thorough information at the touch of their fingertips.

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