Marie France Asia: 5 Risks you don’t want to take when travelling

Apr 20, 2015
Marie France Asia: 5 Risks you don’t want to take when travelling
Unforeseen circumstances crop up even for the most well-prepared traveller.


Packing for your next holiday? Visa, check. Passport, check. Earplugs, check. Insurance?
Find out why this should also be an essential item on your travel checklist.

Travelling to a foreign land is undoubtedly full of surprises and adventure, and this is what makes the experience fun and unique. Especially if you’re an anti-tourist, the more likely you will seek out routes that are off the beaten path. However, when these surprises turn out to be the negative sort, the stress can cause the trip to quickly degenerate into a full-blown nightmare. Travelling with insurance will definitely help to minimise the considerable financial risks that can be incurred by unexpected encounters.

Whether you’re skydiving in Switzerland, jumping into swimming holes in Mexico, or hiking your way up the Himalayas, you know safety is never a hundred percent guaranteed on these activities. This is where travel insurance comes in, giving you the assurance and softening the financial blow of bad surprises. In case of situations like flight delays, accidents, illness or lost baggage, you would do best to keep these documents as evidence to process your claims. 

The bottom line is, even for the most well-prepared traveller, unforeseen circumstances crop up from time to time. Find out what risks you can minimise when you arm yourself with travel insurance.

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