GoBear offers a new unique comparison for credit cards

Credit card comparison in an unbiased & transparent environment

Dec 8, 2015
GoBear offers a new unique comparison for credit cards


SINGAPORE – Since its launch in Singapore 9 months ago, GoBear has been recognized as a consumer-centric insurance search engine that provides the most unbiased comparison. Andre Hesselink, Chief Executive Officer of GoBear, believes in empowering consumers in their choice of selection of insurance and financial products.

Today, GoBear Singapore is adding the ubiquitous credit card to its suite of financial comparisons. With this expansion into financial comparison, is effectively the only completely unbiased comparison site for all available credit cards in Singapore – it does not push products nor advertisements.

To offer the most transparent and unbiased comparison, GoBear has the largest listing of over 100 credit cards in Singapore for comparison. It has also put together a directory of reward and benefit features that are offered by each and every card.

GoBear provides users with a tailored and personalized experience while comparing credit cards side by side. Users can personalize their search based on spending amounts and pattern.

What’s more, there is also the GoBear Rewards Converter that can access the full directory, calculate, then showcase credit card options that best suit the user’s spending patterns, all within seconds.

How the GoBear Rewards Converter works:  
Users are initiated at the onset how they would like to be rewarded: air miles or the cashback option.

The "converter" function begins by getting users to input monthly spends across categories such as dining, groceries, petrol etc. It then evens out and converts different reward points introduced by different credit cards into an easy-to-understand comparable measurement: the maximum annual reward earnings from each credit card.

Together with a summary of additional benefits each credit card may offer, users can then pick the best card by comparing between the potential maximum annual reward earnings and other benefits like selected merchant discount or limited-time promotions etc.

“GoBear’s philosophy of offering an easy and unbiased comparison is perfect for credit card comparisons, and is something that we’re very excited to be launching. By having a wider variety of products in a neutral environment and a search process that tailors to each user’s spending behavior, we want to enable users to have access to a thorough comparison in order to make the best decision. We feel this is another stepping stone for us to provide in-depth financial confidence to any user with absolute transparency,” says Andre Hesselink, Chief Executive Officer, GoBear.

With the launch, GoBear Singapore expects to attract an additional 20% increase of new users to its site. The new credit card comparison feature is also expected to roll out in the coming weeks for GoBear Thailand, which was launched last month and has already seen over 600,000 visitors comparing via GoBear. 

GoBear is a comparison site that allows users to browse for car, travel, health insurance and credit cards via price and usage. It does not sell insurance or credit cards directly – users are automatically transferred to the insurer’s or agent’s website to make their purchases directly.
GoBear is headquartered in Singapore and its team has been chosen based on experience, knowledge and ambition to actively transform the process of online shopping by offering a fast, concise and coherent comparison of car, travel, health insurance plans, and credit cards.


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