Bank of China has over 70 years of presence in the local banking industry, leveraging on the Group’s extensive global network and a team of experienced professionals, Bank of China Singapore Branch provides a full range of financial services to its customers from Singapore, China as well as the surrounding region.


The main businesses of Bank of China Singapore Branch include corporate banking, retail banking, trade financing and international trade settlement, with specialised knowledge and expertise in China-related trade financing and settlements, and remittance services.

Overdraft facility

Overdraft Facility allows you to overdraw your current account up to an agreed Overdraft limit at an agreed interest rate with Bank of China.


Bank of China Overdraft Facility is flexible and convenient. Repay in any amount, as and when you have the funds and you may withdraw on the account when it is restored, wholly or partially, upon repayment. Interest accrues only when the account is actually overdrawn and is charged on the daily overdrawn balance of the account.

MoneyPlus term loan

Bank of China MoneyPlus Term Loan offers you structured monthly repayment plan to manage your finances more effectively with interest rate as low as 6.38% per annum, up to 36 months repayment period, fixed repayment amount every month and a low processing fee.


MoneyPlus fund transfer

Bank of China MoneyPlus Fund Transfer offers 0% interest rate for 3 or 6 months bringing you up to 75% savings! You can transfer funds from your Bank of China MoneyPlus account to your choice of any bank's credit card, credit line, savings or current account upon approval of application.

MoneyPlus line of credit 

Bank of China MoneyPlus Line of Credit offers low-interest rates, pay only on what you use with low-interest rates of 1.65%* or 2.38%^ per month (EIR 19.80%* p.a. or 28.55%^ p.a.).


You can also get cash of up to 4X of your monthly income, ease of withdrawing cash anytime, anywhere via Bank of China ATM Machines or cash transfer to any bank account of your choice and easy repayments available islandwide.This loan is available for those with a minimum income of S$1,700 per month.




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