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Travel Insurance

Best Travel Insurance 2020

The best travel insurance for different users and types of holiday.


Everything You Need To Know About Travel Insurance in Singapore

We answer all your questions about travel insurance and why it's so important to get one on your next trip.


GoBear's Ultimate Guide to Africa

Africa is the world’s second-largest continent.


GoBear's Ultimate Guide to European Travel

If you are looking for an adventure that would reignite your passion for travel, then it is time you book that flight


Ultimate Travel Guide to Australia

Australia is the world’s smallest continent, yet Australia is the sixth largest country next to China, United States


GoBear's Ultimate Guide to World Travel

Learn the tips and tricks about traveling the world's best destinations in this comprehensive travel guide.


Car Insurance

Everything You Need To Know About Car Insurance in Singapore

All of your questions answered about car insurance in Singapore, costs, claims, and how to find the best deal.