ANZ home loan

ANZ started offering their services to Singapore since 1974 and ever since then, they’ve been committed to serving the people through their banking services and products. They now have more than 400,000 customers in Singapore.


The company provides a range of financial services such as the ANZ home loan, mutual funds, foreign exchange, and other types of ANZ loans.


What are the features of ANZ home loan?

Personal banking


ANZ prides themselves on being the first in Singapore to offer ANZ home loan rates that come from the combined average of the Swap Offer Rate and Singapore Interbank Offered Rate. This means that you have the choice of having lowest interest rates available for your ANZ home loan. Although, the minimum interest rate given will be at 0.10% even if the average rate is lower.


Alternatively, you may also choose to have fixed ANZ interest rates. This will be pre-determined rates which will help keep the rates and repayment periods easier to follow and compute. An ANZ home loan calculator is available which will give you the estimates of your monthly repayments and balance each year.


They also offer a bonus interest rate of 0.10% if you maintain a daily balance of at least SG$50,000 in your ANZ home loan current around for the whole month. This will be payable for the lowest balance recorded during the month. If the balance in your ANZ home loan current account reaches over SG$50,000 to SG$199,000, the interest rate reaches 0.20%. Any amount over that will have ANZ interest rates at 0.25%.


You will also be guided by a team of mortgage specialists to guide you through the ANZ home loan process.


Private banking


The ANZ home loan is also available for private banking. They offer up to an 80% loan to valuation ratio with a minimum loan of SG$1,000,000. You may choose to schedule your payments either monthly or quarterly which will cover the principal amount plus the interest. You may loan up to the maximum term of 30 years, or retirement age, whichever is shorter.


A security or collateral will be required and one of the acceptable securities is your residential property. Other types of security could be acceptable but is subject to ANZ’s approval. 

Am I eligible for an ANZ home loan?


Personal banking


There are 3 types of people that are eligible for an ANZ Home loan. Firstly, are the Singaporean citizens and permanent residents of Singapore. Next, are foreigners which are residing and working in Singapore. Lastly, are foreigners who are not residing nor are working in Singapore, but are residents of Hong Kong, Philippines, Fiji, China, Dubai, Cambodia, Taiwan, Malaysia, or Indonesia.


Private banking


To be eligible for an ANZ home loan under private banking, you must have net assets equivalent to US$3,000,000 which is approximately around SG$4,060,000. You’ll also need a client suitability risk profile which shows how risky it is to provide you with a home loan. This type of loan is available for the local and expatriate residents of Singapore.

What are the requirements for an ANZ home loan?


Personal banking


If you’re eligible to apply for an ANZ home loan, all you’ll have to do is to apply online. Go to their property loans page and click “Apply now”. You’ll have to fill up the application form and then wait for ANZ to contact you for further processing. Alternatively, you can visit one of their four branches in Singapore to apply.


Private banking


For private banking, you’ll only need to be a client of ANZ and have at least US$1,000,000 or more assets which are managed by ANZ. You can then contact ANZ and have a confidential consultation regarding your home loan.


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