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Home Loan is a topic seldom discussed in friendly conversations because of limited knowledge and understanding. As such, there are often missed opportunities for people who are looking to buy or refinance their own home. Banks offering this product face an uphill battle in combatting the fear and apprehension felt by many toward an investment as big as this.


By providing a safe haven of sorts, where consumers can compare Home loans, GoBear takes a big step forward in lifting the veil of unfamiliarity and apprehension — by shedding light on what’s currently available and how a housing loan can help consumers purchase a home of their own.


GoBear eliminates the jargon and presents a variety of Home Loans interest rates and other loan features in a simple, easy-to-digest way so that you can find the best plan that fits your requirements.


Whether you are a Singapore citizen or permanent resident, top banks in the country offer an array of options, ensuring that there is a product for everyone, no matter your requirements. 

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