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Why Should You Compare International Health Insurance?

Having an international health insurance plan is a must these days as the world becomes more globalised and the competition for talent across borders intensifies. International health insurance is something most people who travel frequently for work pay for and don’t think about for a long time, until something happens. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right international health insurance plan. There is type of coverage, portability, geography of coverage and excluded countries. Since such a plan is likely to be long term, from at least 2- 5 years, as is the typical corporate posting, it is important to consider how all the factors will fit into your career plan. Likewise, the dizzying multitude of options and insurers makes it all the more important to get that perfect plan at the best price before you take the plunge.

Easily Compare International Health Insurance Plans on GoBear

Compare international health insurance plans across different insurers to find out what is the different coverage offered, and which are the most competitively priced. With GoBear, one can easily compare all the pertinent points and be assured of complete unbiasedness.

GoBear is Singapore’s unbiased insurance comparison website with the highest transparency. Compare international health insurance plans with the best coverage at the most competive prices.

Compare insurance and banking products, and find out how much you can save.

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  • Free and unbiased – We cut out the middleman and don’t play favourites with plans. -
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