Repatriation Coverage for Health Insurance

The term repatriation is usually not familiar to most travellers, hence it is very important to understand the meaning. In general, repatriation means the process of returning a person to his or her place of origin or citizenship.


Repatriation cover includes the process of returning refugees or military personnel to their place of origin following a war. However, in health insurance, the term repatriation may differ slightly.


Repatriation benefits in health insurance mean that the health insurance company arranges for and handles the transportation necessary to return a covered person’s body to his or her home or to a nearby funeral or cremation facility.


This benefit will arrange and pay for reasonable and necessary expenses, including, but not limited to, expenses for embalming, an appropriate container for transportation, and shipping costs to transport your remains via the most direct and economical route.


Therefore, you should check with your health insurance plan on how the repatriation benefits and procedure would be.

Types of Repatriation Covered 

Different health insurance products provide a different level of coverage. You need to ensure you compare the health insurance summary of benefits or coverage before you purchase the most suitable plan.


Health insurance usually covers a standard list of repatriation benefits. Some of these include:

In the event of death, the cover not only includes expenses for embalming, a container legally appropriate for transportation, shipping costs and the necessary government authorizations but also covers cremation cost or cost of local burial of mortal remains.


Before you decide which health insurance plan is suitable for you, it is good to do a comparison and read through the coverage and benefits of the policy.


For some insurers, cremation costs will only be covered if it is required for legal purposes, so do check and understand the policy properly before purchasing a plan.


In the event of death, the cover should include expenses for embalming, a container legally appropriate for transportation, shipping costs and the necessary government authorizations.


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