One of the most important aspects of health insurance plans is the medical insurance coverage. This is your protection against the risk of incurring medical expenses among individuals. So, when claiming for medical benefits from your insurance plan, you should have the necessary information and proof before submitting your claim.

Types of Medical Insurance Covered in Health Insurance

Different medical care plans provide different levels of coverage. Depending on your needs and lifestyle, your plan should be designed to cover your expense and other bills.

Medical insurance usually covers a standard list of coverage. Some of these include:


* Medical Expense – This kind of plan pays for the medical expenses incurred due to an illness or accident. This can also arise from surgery, in-patient medical treatment, laboratory tests, x-rays and consultations. Your insurer should make it clear that the policy is made with limits for each disability or illness. Medical benefits generally cover the actual expense as invoiced by the hospital and may not include additional expenses paid.


* Hospital Cash Insurance – This type of health insurance pays a fixed rate for each day of confinement due to surgery or treatment. This means that your insurer may not cover the total bill incurred by the insured patient. Hospital cash insurance amount highly depend on the benefit limit and waiting periods as set by your plan.


* Disability income insurance – If you suffered from an illness or underwent a medical procedure which resulted in your inability to work, then disability income insurance is there to pay a fixed amount in lieu of your supposed income. Most medical insurance covering this type pays a monthly allotment equals to 80% of your monthly salary. This policy aims to alleviate your financial woes but will not totally pay for the full amount you spent due to hospitalisation or treatment.


* Critical illness insurance – If you have a policy that covers a particular illness and you are diagnosed with it, then critical illness insurance will provide a lump sum to pay for hospitalisation, surgery or treatment. Major cancers, stroke, kidney failure, bypass surgery and heart attack are a few of those critical illnesses recognised by this type of medical benefit.



* Maternity health insurance  - This covers pre and post-natal services, miscarriage and delivery costs including newborn related services. Benefit for such coverage is based on per pregnancy and the amount reimbursed is based on the comprehensiveness of the medical insurance plan.


Depending on the medical insurance plan and premium, the benefits will vary. Before you decide which medical insurance plan is suitable for you, it is good to do a comparison and read through the coverage and benefits of the policy.


Depending on your health insurance plan and premium, the benefits will vary. Before you decide which medical insurance plan is suitable for you, it is good to compare insurance offers with GoBear! Risk your savings no more as you pick the right medical plan for your and your family with GoBear!


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