With the price of formula milk rising by 40 percent in Singapore this year, parents and those planning to have a baby are advised to implement effective family budgeting with consideration for the best maternity health insurance plan available in the country.


Maternity benefits for most health insurance covers both the mother and child. Maternity means the period during pregnancy and shortly after childbirth. With that said, there are some maternity health insurance covering the mother as early as 13 weeks into pregnancy and then 30 days after delivery.


The start date policy for newborn health insurance can be as immediate as after the child is born. So, parents or parents-to-be should think properly how long and how immediate would they want the maternity benefits to start and end, as different maternity health insurance are covering different maternity benefits.

Maternity Health Insurance Coverages

Different health insurance products provide different levels of coverage. You need to ensure you compare the health insurance summary of benefits or coverage before you purchase the most suitable plan.


Here are the types of insurance coverages available:


* Pregnancy Complications – Your health insurance company will provide a list of complications covered including postpartum haemorrhage, fatty liver of pregnancy, amniotic fluid embolism and abruptio placentae. Most policies cover more of these complications. You need to check with your insurer what is covered with your maternity benefits plans. Expect that health insurance companies in Singapore are providing a one-time payout once the mother is diagnosed with the listed complications.


* Congenital Illnesses – This type of coverage basically takes care of the child’s welfare. Maternity health insurance on congenital illnesses has a list composed of 18 conditions or less. Depending on the insurer, the policy usually covers the child until he reaches three years old. Again, like the coverage on pregnancy complications, the insurance company does not need to know the hospital expenses list because they provide a one-time payout once the child is diagnosed to be suffering from the illnesses listed on their list.

Facts You Need to Know About Maternity Health Insurance 

A lot of people are confused regarding the nature of maternity insurance. GoBear has created the following list of facts that would-be mothers need to know for a better understanding of this plan.


* Maternity insurance is not a stand-alone policy. This is an extension benefit of your main health insurance plan to cover the cost of routine scans, delivery, doctor visits, and treatments of complications during pregnancy.


* Newborn coverage happens only after the baby is discharged from the hospital which is usually at 15 days after normal birth.


* Pregnancy insurance covers the woman from inception while maternity health insurance coverage can begin at least from the second trimester.


* Health insurances are arranged in advance while maternity insurance can be availed even after you discover that you are pregnant.


* Maternity insurance is specially made for expatriates in Singapore since all Singapore citizens are entitled of Medishield and Medisave. Babies of Singapore citizens who were born after March 1, 2013, are automatically eligible for MediShield covering any neonatal and congenital conditions.


* Remember that maternity benefits from your policy may be subject to a waiting period before you can make a claim. It is best to discuss this with your insurer so you and your spouse can have contingency plans.


Securing the health of a mother and her baby is a priority especially for those who are planning to build a family. Choosing the right medical health insurance plan with the help of GoBear’s unbiased comparison tool will allow you to see and compare the differences of policies from health insurance companies. 


These can be subject to limited benefits and would ensure your newborn would receive enough coverage for any conditions that they may be born with or that would require treatment within their first few days.


Depending on the health insurance plan and premium, the benefits will vary. Before you decide which maternity health insurance plan is suitable for you, it is good to do a comparison and read through the coverage and benefits of the policy. Some of the maternity benefits may even be packaged together with a savings plan for the child. The waiting period in the health insurance is also very important because it decides the amount of time (in months) before you can claim your expenses. So, do your research properly to understand what you need before you purchase the policy.


Typically referring to serious conditions such as pre-eclampsia, miscarriage, gestational diabetes, bleeding etc, these would incur extra costs compared to routine pregnancies. Most insurance policies cater for these conditions under a separate (higher) benefit.


If you have had a Caesarian section birth in the past, this could affect your coverage options so it is important to mention this to your health insurance advisor.


This is a crucial but usually overlooked part of maternity insurance. NICU costs for incubation or treatments for a new-born can escalate very quickly and reach exponential amounts (above 150,000 SGD). Most insurance plans place restrictions to cover only 15 or 90 days after discharge from the hospital.


Therefore, it is very important to purchase a natal treatment health insurance or newborn care health insurance that offers options that can cover a newborn immediately from day 1 and without the need for underwriting. This ensures that immediate attention and treatments for the newborn could be taken care of without the worry of financial burden.


These are also considered a complication (of childbirth) and are treated differently from Elective Caesarean. According to statistics, about 30 – 40 percent of births in Singapore end up being via C-section. It is therefore important to ensure that your policy provides high limits of coverage for emergency C-sections as the costs for these are substantially higher than for standard deliveries. In the event that you want to have an elective caesarean, there are solutions that your insurance advisor can also recommend.


This will cover consultations as well as all ultrasound scans and tests that are medically-necessary. In most cases, a few consultations are also required after the birth and so having coverage for these comes in handy.


Refers to a standard pregnancy with a routine vaginal delivery in hospital without specific complications (with or without epidural). It is important to ensure the benefits are high enough on your policy to cover all, or most of the standard costs in your hospital or clinic.

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