Hospitalisation benefits are included in most health insurance plans. It covers pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation. Pre-hospitalisation means the medical expenses considered before a policyholder is hospitalised.


Post-hospitalisation, on the other hand, means treatments and costs after getting discharged from the hospital. So when claiming for hospitalisation benefit from your health insurance, you should ensure you have the necessary information and proof before submitting your application.


For some health insurance policies, the duration that falls under reimbursement for pre and post hospitalisation may be 90, 120 or 180 days before or after hospitalisation, respectively. Therefore, before you decide which health insurance plan is suitable for you, it is good to make a comparison and read through the coverage and benefits of the policy.


Pre- Hospitalisation Benefit


Pre-hospitalisation expenses include various charges related to medical tests before an individual gets hospitalised. Doctors/physicians conduct a series of tests to accurately diagnose the medical condition of a patient before prescribing treatment.


The number of days which are covered varies depending upon the type of health insurance provider. Most insurers cover 30 days before confinement and consider these within the realm of pre-hospitalisation.


Post-Hospitalisation Benefit


Post hospitalisation benefit refers to any expense incurred by the patient after being released from the hospital. The consulting physician may prescribe certain tests to ascertain the progress or recovery of a patient. It may also happen that certain side effects that require medications and additional consultation from the medical treatment or procedure have emerged after hospitalisation. These can be considered as a post-admission expense which should still be covered by your policy.


It is important to note that the number of days which are covered tends to vary depending upon the type of health insurance provider. However, in most cases, charges incurred by an individual for 60 days from the discharge date comes under the ambit of post hospitalisation expenses.


Costs related to various therapies, namely, acupuncture and naturopathy are not included by insurance providers in the category of post hospitalisation expenses. However, diagnostic charges, consulting fees and medical costs are covered.



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