Emergency evacuation is a provision included in health insurance plans that allow the insured patient to be evacuated for adequate medical intervention. The emergency evacuation takes place when the required medical facility is not available in your area. The insurer will see to it that you are transported to the nearest centre or hospital for urgent care.


Evacuation means the action of evacuating a person or a place. Emergency evacuation, on the other hand, is the immediate and urgent movement of individuals away from the threat or actual occurrence of a hazard. Therefore, you should check with your health insurance plan on how the evacuation benefits and procedure would be.

Types of Evacuation Cover

Different health insurance products provide a different level of coverage. You need to ensure you compare the health insurance summary of benefits or coverage before you purchase the most suitable plan.

Health insurance usually covers a standard list of evacuation benefits. It includes the following:


  • Medical evacuation - Medical Evacuation is a cover that focuses mainly on taking the insured victim to the nearest centre. Your policy should be able to provide the transport and treatment promptly to make sure that the injuries or condition of the patient does not worsen. Should you find the nearest medical facility to be lacking the necessary interventions, then the insurer will coordinate transport assistance until the necessary treatment is acquired.



  • Emergency evacuation -This refers to the process of transporting the insured person out of a hazardous area or situation. There might be threats or hazards that can threaten the insured like severe weather conditions or any accidents that place the insured individual at risk.


  • Political evacuation is almost the same as emergency evacuation, but it primarily deals with crises due to military action or political unrest.


Whether you are within the convenience of your own homes or travelling in another country for a short vacation, getting emergency evacuation benefit ensures you get the best medical intervention as soon as possible. 


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