Accidents happen every day. Whether it is a major unplanned mishap or a minor event with an unpleasant outcome, accidents that require emergency patient care just occur anywhere you are in the world.


Accidents and emergency treatments are covered in health insurance plans. Different insurers offer different kinds and levels of coverage which may include the following:


  • Rehabilitation treatment – This is assistance that provides exercise programs and physical therapy sessions after you were admitted to a hospital due to injuries from accidents
  • Psychiatric treatment – Insured individuals with addiction problems or mental disorders are offered with emergency hospital-based treatments
  • Palliative care – This type of medical service is provided to those who are suffering from life-limiting illnesses.
  • Emergency ambulance services – Ambulance services are granted to insured patients who cannot be transported to the hospital by any other means during an emergency.
  • Inpatient – An insured person is admitted to a hospital for one or more days to receive medical interventions
  • Day-patient – An insured person stays in the hospital to receive treatment but con his condition does not require him to stay overnight
  • Medical evacuation – An assistance offered to insured patients in which they are transported to the nearest medical facility and when treatment is not available within in the same place where the accident happened.

Everyday things not covered by accidents and emergency procedures include removal of appendix, adenoids, tonsils and wisdom teeth. Moreover, the following may not also be considered as an emergency or accident treatment and may not be included in your health insurance coverage:


  • Renal dialysis
  • Lens-related procedures like cataract treatment
  • Reconstructive and plastic surgery
  • Fertility treatments and obstetrics-related services
  • Joint surgery, investigations, reconstructions or replacements

Accidents and emergency treatments cover may not seem to be necessary for those who feel young and healthy. However, becoming secured and ensuring your peace of mind means getting a health insurance package that will provide you with assistance during unexpected situations.



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