International Health Insurance Coverage

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There is something in Singapore’s health insurance system that the rest of the world envies. At present, there is a clamour for America to imitate the Singaporean structure of paying for its citizen’s health insurance coverage. According to an article published on the New York Times, Singapore’s excellent health care programme resulted to 5% spending on health care from its 2014 GDP while America spent 17% and other Western European countries spent 10%.


Unlike Singaporeans, expats and foreigners are not protected under Medisave or Medishield. Hence, it is crucial to get an international medical insurance plan that will ease the burden of having to pay for medical expenses fully out of your own pocket. However, no two plans are the same. When selecting a health plan, a key consideration is a coverage provided. This can be in terms of types of medical conditions included, as well as the depth of compensation or benefits.

Comparing Health Insurance Coverage Offers

Beyond cost, the most important thing to note when selecting a health insurance provider is to compare the extent of coverage the plan provides. Your process of selection highly depends on your needs and lifestyle. You may want to prioritise hospitalisation as a major coverage. Some common things that people look out for include outpatient benefits, medical repatriation, dental benefits and routine pregnancy. It is best to understand your current health condition before checking out options in the market. It pays to evaluate yourself to get that kind of health insurance coverage that gives value for your hard-earned money.


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