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Raffles Health Insurance (“RHI”) was incorporated in 2004, commenced operations on 2 January 2005 as a general insurer and converted into a life insurer in March 2006 under the purview of the Monetary of Authority of Singapore.  RHI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Raffles Medical Group (“RMG”) - a leading integrated healthcare service provider in Singapore. Prior to its inauguration in October 2012, Raffles Health Insurance was known as International Medical Insurers Pte. Ltd. (“IMI”).

We are a leading healthcare insurance specialist in Singapore, supported by RMG’s wide network of family medicine clinics and tertiary care private hospital, Raffles Hospital, to provide fully integrated and coordinated healthcare for our policy owners and members. We strive to be the preferred healthcare partner and service provider, specialising in providing you a healthcare financing solution to cater to your healthcare needs.

We work with corporate customers to design an appropriate employee benefits programme suited to the needs of their organisation, to provide a seamless and integrated healthcare experience to their employees.

For individuals and their family members, we have several healthcare financing solutions for individuals and families to choose from, depending on the benefits and limits covered.

Since 2008, RHI has partnered Bupa Global1, to offer a range of international private health plans, insured by RHI and administered by Bupa Global, to cater to the needs of individuals and corporates of international business community in Singapore. RHI leverages on the international infrastructure and expertise of Bupa Global1 in understanding the needs of expatriates and international business community to provide comprehensive healthcare financing solutions.

About RHI

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Prices are based on a married couple in their mid 30s with 1 child


Asean Plus Plan I

$ 243

Coverage Rating

Coverage Rating

Insurer Rating

Insurer Rating


Asean Plus Plan II

$ 168

Coverage Rating

Coverage Rating

Insurer Rating

Insurer Rating
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