The GoBear Code of Conduct provides a mandatory framework to shape and govern the actions of all our employees. Grounded in international law, human rights and labor conventions, the Code helps ensure that all employees act ethically and responsibly. It is therefore important that everyone at our company fully understands the Code and complies with it at all times.

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GoBear Ethics Point

GoBear provides a direct channel for our employees and stakeholders to report suspicious or unlawful activity, unethical or illegal behavior or infringement of GoBear’s Code of Conduct.


How do I report a violation of GoBear's Code of Conduct?

We are in the midst of building a secure form framework on our site that can support anonymity. Until that is available, employees and stakeholders may wish to submit their reports directly to the following dedicated email address: [email protected]. All reports will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

Reports will be handled by GoBear’s compliance officer/legal counsel. Details of the case, and especially the identity of the person who made the report and any persons mentioned in the report, are kept confidential and only shared on a strict need-to-know basis.

The investigation itself will focus on an objective, factual analysis of the case. If an allegation is found to be true, management will decide on the necessary action.