Don't want to be locked into airmiles or cashback on your card? Read on...

If you have trouble deciding what you want for breakfast, let alone what type of rewards you'll want in six months' time, rewards credit cards (sometimes called points cards) are the card for you.

You earn reward points while you spend and then redeem your points from the bank's rewards catalogue - like vouchers for restaurants, malls, spas and more - or convert your points into airmiles or cash. It's your choice - and you can chop and change when you want.

It can get tricky trying to find the best reward credit card because each bank has its own unique point system. For example, you earn Citi Dollars on Citibank Rewards Card, STAR$ on Amex CapitaCard and Rewards points on HSBC Revolution Card - just to name a few.

All these points earned have different values, and the maximum number of points you can earn per month varies across the cards too. Seems impossible to compare apples with apples, right? Wrong. We're here to make this tricky part easy for you.


Why compare rewards credit cards on GoBear?

  1. We convert all the cards to the same points system to make it easier for you to compare apples with apples.
  2. Hate fees? Us too. Find no annual fee credit cards or the ones with the lowest fees over time.
  3. Use our rewards calculator to find out your yearly cashback or airmiles - just key in how much you spend.
  4. We tell you everything you need to know about the card, including exclusive promotions and deals.
  5. Last but not least, we're an unbiased rewards credit card comparison website: we tell it like it is.