Got something on your wish list? There's probably a promo for that.

There's probably a promo out there for everything you can think of. Want to save on hotel bookings? There's an Agoda credit card promotion for that.

Want a free meal? Check out the one for one buffet credit card promotions. Travel junkies can snap up a free luggage promo or get closer to that business-class upgrade by getting bonus miles just for signing up.

As great as all that sounds, having the best sign up promotions on the card doesn't necessarily mean it's the right card for you.

You've also got to consider whether the card suits your spending habits and whether it rewards you on where you spend most.

It can be tricky to figure out which credit card promotion is best for you - bear in mind you usually need to hit a minimum spend on the card for a certain amount of months to qualify for the promo.

But don't despair, GoBear is here to help you compare and choose the right card for you.


Why compare card promotions on GoBear?

  1. We compare all cashback, airmiles and points cards to help you find a card with the best promotions and offers.
  2. It's not just about sign up promotions - you can also use our rewards calculator to find out how much cashback or airmiles you'll earn on your credit card.
  3. Hate fees? Us too. Find no annual fee credit cards or the ones with the lowest fees over time.
  4. Last but not least, we're an unbiased credit card promotions comparison website: we tell it like it is.