Credit Card Comparison

Why should you compare credit cards?

With so many credit cards available, how do you decide which credit cards to apply for? The myriad rewards for each credit card are aplenty. Credit card comparison lets you find the best credit card with the best rewards such as cashback, air miles and points based on your spending behaviour.

Compare credit cards in seconds

Compare credit cards to keep up-to-date with the latest promotions and best rewards offered by different credit cards. Often, banks give away very attractive sign-up gifts to newly approved card applicants. Start your credit card comparison by selecting your preferred reward type: cashback or vouchers, or air miles. You can even categorise your spending habits down to the specific amount. This can able us to help further filter down to the credit cards that matches your purchasing behaviour. Examples of spending categories are: General, shopping, petrol, dining, entertainment, travel and telcos. 


GoBear is Asia’s only meta-search engine on banking products. Our unbiased comprehensive credit card comparison service offers the highest transparency. Compare credit cards to find the best credit card with the best rewards which suits your needs that you deserve.

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