Enjoy the Best OCBC Credit Card Privileges

OCBC Bank: Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation was established in 1932. It was voted the strongest bank in the world for two years consecutively by Bloomberg.  There is a range of OCBC credit cards with special features. OCBC’s FRANK card is designed for tertiary students, OCBC Art Enthusiast card focuses on rebates for indulging in growing the local art scenes via SISTIC and multiple art outlets. OCBC Voyage Card is the first metal card that redeems flying points on all flights, empowering the wanderlust in you.


Here is an overview of all cards OCBC offers:

OCBC Credit Card - Shopping Privileges

This Visa Platinum credit card affords up to 3% discount on the Popular bookstore. At Fair Price, OCBC Plus! Offers 10% discount on all purchases. Many more attractive deals are afforded on this credit card.


However, OCBC 365 Credit Card offers 3% cashback on all supermarkets island wide. And in addition, it offers 3% cashback on all online spending which includes travel expenses, fashion spending, and entertainment usage. This doesn’t include telephone or mail order purchases though.


OCBC Credit Card - Entertainment Privileges 

OCBC Titanium MasterCard offers a host of benefits ranging from travel to golf, to entertainment. On the website Qoo10, this credit card offers a bundle of S$40 worth of coupons upon first time purchase.


OCBC Art Credit Card is an exclusive card for art scene enthusiasts. It too offers the S$40 coupons on Qoo10. Additionally, this MasterCard credit card offers priority booking for shows by W!LD RICE, The Theatre Practice, Ding Yi Music, Singapore Dance Theatre, Singapore Lyric Opera etc. It also offers OCBC$, a collective currency offered by the bank; every $S1 spent on SISTIC bookings earns up to 3 OCBC$.


OCBC FRANK credit card offers up to 5% entertainment rebate. A 5% rebate is offered from Friday to Sunday, and 3% during the rest of the week at bars, cinemas, KTVs, clubs and selected cafes.

OCBC Credit Card - Dining Privileges

OCBC’s 365 Visa Credit Card comes with a host of privileges. For culinary enthusiasts, the credit card offers 6% cashback on dining over the weekend, island wide. This cashback is not applicable to country clubs. However, the card offers 3% cashback on expenditure on dining overseas.

OCBC Credit Card- Petrol Privileges

OCBC 365 Credit Card offers savings on spending on fuels and other services available at petrol stations. At outlets like Esso and Caltex, you can expect to save up to 18.3% on expenditure on petrol. And an additional 5% cashback is offered on other services and products available at the said exclusive petrol service stations. The cashback is, however, capped at S$80 per month. The same saving, with other features, is also offered on OCBC Plus! Credit Cards.

OCBC Credit Card- Dining Privileges

OCBC offers two separate credit cards for travel enthusiasts. OCBC Voyage Card earns up to 2.3 miles on the card when S$1 is spent in foreign currency or for every dollar spent on local dining. It spans over all airlines, all round the year. The feature that trumps over Titanium Card is the transferable miles to friends and family. Also, the miles are for a lifetime, never expiring.


OCBC Titanium Credit Card offers up to 2 air miles on international expenditure and up to 1 air mile on local spending. The card offers special privileges exclusively in Seoul and Incheon Airport.




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