About Maybank 

Malayan Banking Berhad trades by the name of Maybank. Its major operations are in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. It is Malaysia’s largest bank, its total assets computing at US$ 165 billion and a market capitalization of US$ 19.1 billion recorded as of December 2015, on the Malaysian Stock Exchange. Maybank Singapore has 22 convenient branches and 35 ATMs located island wide. There are various Maybank credit cards and debit cards for its consumer’s dining, shopping and traveling leisure.

Dining and Entertainment Privileges

Maybank credit and debit cards come with TREATS program that offers dining privileges all over the island. It also offers TREAT points to be collected and used for lifestyle shopping. For example, all Maybank credit and debit card get to enjoy Dim Sum Platters at all Canton Paradise outlets for an exclusive price. Also, it offers complimentary truffle fries in Fresh Fruit Labs on a S$50 spend.


TREATS program offers up to 50% OFF on many websites when shopping online with Maybank credit and debit cards. On online shopping portals like Amazon, Lazada, QOO10, SGSHOP and many others Maybank credit cards offer cashback, complementary shipping, and discounts on first purchases.


TREATS program, offered on all Maybank credit and debit cards, also offer outdoor entertainment as well as movie cinemas. These entertainment credit cards give attractive deals in not just in Singapore but in Malaysia as well. For example, The Angry Birds Theme Park in Johor Bahru one can avail 30% off on tickets and 15% off on merchandise, in LEGO land 35% can be saved on one-day passes. Cathay Cineplex's offer $8-weekday tickets on all Maybank MasterCard cards.

Petrol Privileges

Maybank’s DUO Platinum MasterCard is a credit card that offers savings on fuel and helps avail attractive deals on lifestyle goods and special interests. The card offers 5% rebate on petrol charges in Singapore and Malaysia. At an annual fee of S$120, it gives a free Supplementary Card and the benefits of both TREATS and DUO programmes. TREATS is a Maybank program offering rebates on lifestyle goods. DUO is a reward program by Tan Chong group which offers exclusive membership deals on brands like Nissan and Subaru.




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