Introduction to HSBC

HSBC is a British trading firm located in London. It provides services such as  consumer banking, corporate banking, investment banking, mortgage loans, private banking, wealth management, credit cards, finance and insurance. It has offices and ATMs located all over Singapore. HSBC offers both HSBC credit card and debit cards under personal banking with dining, entertainment and travel privileges. It offers cards such as HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card, HSBC Premier MasterCard Credit Card, etc.

HSBC Credit Card - Petrol Privileges

HSBC offers rebates at Shell and Caltex all over the country. HSBC-Shell Escape Program gives 14% instant discount and up to 6% cash rebates on the purchase of petrol when charged to HSBC credit cards. Caltex offers up to 16% instant discount and 5% cash rebate on charging petrol purchases all over the island on the HSBC credit cards.

HSBC Credit Card - Entertainment Privileges

HSBC offers many reasons to shop using their credit and debit cards. On J.Crew online shop, card holders receive a complimentary scented candle plus free shipping and returns throughout the year. On, card holders get 10% off purchase and also free delivery. Also an attractive discount of 15% is available on for all card holders, throughout the online store.These privileges and more are applicable to HSBC Premier MasterCard, HSBC Visa Platinum Card, HSBC Gold and HSBC Classic Card.

HSBC Credit Card - Travel Privileges  

HSBC Visa Infinite Credit Card offers up to 2.5 air miles on every S$1 spent overseas, and up to 1.5 air miles and for every S$1 spent locally.


All card holders enjoy 50% off on Swissotel Hotels and Resorts on the second room of occupancy and also complimentary breakfast upon charging the hotel to their HSBC Card.


Additionally, offers extra 7% discount for  HSBC Premier MasterCard, HSBC Visa Infinite Cards, HSBC  Advance and Visa Platinum Credit Card and alsoHSBC Visa Signature credit card holders. HSBC  Gold and Classic card holders enjoy 5% discount on online purchases when charged to their cards.

HSBC Credit Card - Dining Privileges

On signing up for HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card, the consumer gets a Starbucks card worth S$80. Upon charging HSBC credit cards with dining bills, the card holder can enjoy 15% in participation HSBC Credit Card - Dining PrivilegesEuropean restaurants, 15% off in participating Italian restaurants, and up to 18% off in participating gourmet restaurants. Swensen’s and Bakerzin both offer 15% discounts on total bills to HSBC credit card holders.


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